Two Jay County sisters are providing something new to the community.
Bobbie Betz and Jill O’Campo started an expedited shipping courier called STS Ship LLC.
The company launched in April and provides expedited general freight and courier services, Betz, a 1997 Jay County High School graduate, said.
The community doesn’t have an expedited courier, and the pair thought it was something the county needed.
“It’s something that needs to be filled because if you think about how many of your truck and big rigs go downtown … they stop, they pull over, they’re sitting in the drive lanes and unloading,” Betz said.
STS Ship uses a cargo van and will ship anything that isn’t hazmat or liquids and is less than $1,500 pounds anywhere within a 200-mile radius of Jay County.
Betz said the idea for the business came after she and her younger sister were discussing ways to make providing for their children easier.
“We started this as an idea about a year ago. She’s got six kids, I’ve got three kids, and trying to work and raise a family is not that easy,” she said.
The duo was familiar with shipping because their father is a retired truck driver, so they decided to give the business a chance.
And finding a great deal on a cargo van helped them along.
“It was like, yes, we’ve got to go ahead and go,” Betz said. “The fates are in our favor now.”
It took about a year for the company to get the proper paper work and legalities worked out, but business has slowly been trickling in.
The business has two full-time employees and three partners, including Betz and O’Campo.
And Betz is hopeful business will continue to grow.
“I would like to see us make a profit in three years,” she said. “I would like to see us have a handful of employees and treat our community right.”
Betz is managing the company every day as her full-time work, but with only one vehicle, she can’t hire more employees. She’s in the process of looking to purchase another van.
“We are starting from the very bottom and working our way all the way up,” she said. “I just want to make a dollar profit to feel successful.”
“As our business grows, our fleet will increase. As our fleet increases, our employees will increase.”
The shipping services cost 90 cents per mile for the first 50 miles and 95 cents for any additional miles.
Betz said she’s contacted Chamber of Commerce members from Jay and surrounding counties about the shipping services, and she hopes those businesses will choose to use STS Ship.
“We’re out here,” she said.