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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
  • What a difference a day makes. 
  • It was a beautiful fall day last week. 
  • The caption read, “These boys are going to give me a heart attack!” The video was of two small boys playing on a playset. Sounds ordinary, doesn’t it? Except they were on the very top of the thing, holding on to a handy tree branch for balance. 
  • The best thing about a vacation is the total lack of news from the rest of the world. The worst thing about not being on vacation is listening to the news from the rest of the world. Actually, that is not the worst, but it is distressing. 
  • We celebrated my mother’s 87th birthday last week. There have been many times in the last few years when I couldn’t imagine that she would live this long. I am eternally grateful that my fears were unfounded. 
  • “Let’s go into the woods!” my grandson exclaimed. After spending two days in a car, I was ready for some exercise. My husband wisely opted out. 
  • I turned around to see my son-in-law holding a cracker above my head and grinning like a fool. Granddaughter Emma, was also holding a cracker above my head. They both burst out laughing at getting caught. 
  • It was a perfect summer evening. Our carving club was hosting its annual cookout. I had spent the day baking a cake. I had considered making something more complicated but forgot to obtain all the needed ingredients. 
  • I am on my way to my mother’s today. 
  • “I have proof that we are related!” my brother, David, exclaimed. I was immediately apprehensive as he is not the least bit interested in genealogy. 
  • I may have to return my gardener’s card as my garden is a dismal failure this year. Between the rain, floods and rabbits, the garden is mostly toast. Actually it isn’t toast, it is mostly lemon balm. That seems to be the only thing that is thriving. 
  • “I love babies!” my sister-in-law, Sue, exclaimed. She was cuddling her first grandchild as she spoke. She buried her face in the baby’s neck and inhaled her scent. She hugged baby Isabella and once again declared her love for this beautiful little girl. Isabella looked bored. 
  • Last week was fair week. Of course, it rained, and rained, and then rained some more. By the time I ventured out to the fairgrounds on Thursday, the grounds were fairly saturated. The water had quit falling out of the sky for awhile. The kind people in charge had strewn straw over the paths and inside some of the tents in a fruitless attempt to sop up part of the mess. 
  • The raspberries are beginning to ripen. If you are blessed with black raspberries, do not brush your teeth immediately before eating them. Minty toothpaste combined with the flavor of fresh raspberries is not a good combination. 
  • She misses going fishing with her grandfather. 
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