I was ready to write about college Greek life myths for my column this week, but then an unforeseen event happened Monday night, and it’s all I can think about.
I, like many Ball State University students, rent a house close to campus. This summer there have been a few robberies in the area surrounding the university.
Lately I have taken extra precautions to make sure I lock both doors and windows at night and every time I leave the house, even if my roommates are home.
On Sunday night, I followed that same routine. But on Monday morning I woke up to something I wasn’t expecting.
I went to get in my car, which I’m borrowing from my father, and noticed some marks on the windows that looked as if someone had wiped their hands on my car.
I thought an intoxicated person wiped their hands on the window and it wasn’t a big deal.
Once I got into my car ready to leave for work, I noticed both of my side mirrors had been moved, but shrugged it off and moved the mirrors back to their proper locations.
The passenger mirror moved back fine with no problems, but the same wasn’t the case for the driver’s side mirror.
It looked as if someone had pulled on it because the mirror’s frame is cracked and not fully attached to the car.
When I drive, it’s wobbly and moves around, and I can’t position it to see the cars on the road behind me.
This experience with my car is making me uneasy because I heard something outside the house Sunday night, but blamed it on my imagination.
This event is giving me flashbacks to the time my parents’ home was robbed when I was a child.
The police came to our house that night to file a report. As the days went on, my mom began to notice what items had been taken. They included a laundry basket, some CDs, the weed eater, a camera and a few other belongings.  
My mom told us she was sitting at the computer desk when the robbery took place.
My aunt used to stay with us a lot, so my mom left the garage open so she could come in. That night my mom waited up for my aunt to return and heard the door open. She assumed it was my aunt, but after a few minutes of just hearing noises, she called to my aunt.
It was not my aunt though. She quickly learned it wasn’t my aunt in the house as she heard someone go out the door.
In the months that followed, it was difficult for me to fall asleep at night unless the lights were on. Even then, bedtime was scary.
Almost a decade has passed since that night, and if I’m home by myself I still find it hard to sleep with the lights off. I get through it by reminding myself I shouldn’t worry.
However, because something happened to my car Sunday night while I slept and I’m aware of the robberies in our neighborhood, I’m having a hard time ignoring that worried feeling. Especially because my roommate had her car broken into a few months ago.
All of this makes me want to leave the house immediately and find somewhere else to live.
I just have to be strong  even though I’m scared and hope I don’t experience another robbery.