FORT RECOVERY — The near completion of the village’s sewer separation project is allowing Fort Recovery to move forward with plans to improve its wastewater lagoon.
Fort Recovery Village Council discussed plans Monday to improve the more than four decade old system, which has had issues with short circuiting, and has commissioned a proposal from Choice One Engineering to develop plans for the project.
The engineers and a wastewater consultant will look at enhancing the piping between the two lagoons to see if they can be better utilized.
“In working through the process … (the consultant and engineer) feel the obvious thing to fix first is the piping, get rid of the short-circuiting, make sure you’re using all of the pond,” said village administrator Randy Diller, who added that currently there is a whole section of the pond not being utilized because of the flow of the pipes to the outlet.
After the proposed piping is completed, the village will take time to monitor how the system works and see whether more needs to be done, such as adding another treatment cell or a third lagoon.
The current system is rated at 275,000 gallons a day, but if future industries need additional loading, an expansion of the lagoon may be needed. One such industry is Perham Egg, a new Fort Recovery egg-breaking business, but engineers have said they are confident changes in piping will take care of any situations that may arise with its additional load.
“What we’re doing is making sure in the long run that we’re set up for any additional loading we may get but also any additional capacity that may occur,” said Diller. “We want to have a plan in place and be working toward that.”
Diller assured council members the village’s wastewater treatment “can get by quite a while making less costly improvements,” and once the sewer separation is complete, the village will have a better understanding of what the lagoon can manage, because its been composed more of rain water than sewage in the past 40 years.
In other business, council members Rod Thobe, Cliff Wendel, Al Post, Dave Garman, Dave Kaup and Dave Bretz:
•Approved on first reading an amendment to the income tax ordinance, which includes penalties for those found guilty of failing to file or pay income taxes. A first offense will incur a $50 fine; a second offense will be $150; third and fourth offense will be a $250 fine plus actual jail time. The amendment will go on to its second reading at the council’s next meeting.
•Approved paying a fund request from Tom’s Construction for $266,953 to cover its continuing work on the village’s sewer separation project.