Jay County Public Library is set to open Monday.
After being closed for two weeks because of damage caused by a water heater leak, some services will be available to patrons at the library Monday. It will operate during its normal hours, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., out of the community room.
Because a significant amount of the drywall in the main facility still needs to be repaired, patrons won’t be able to use the library in the same capacity they usually do, library director Eric Hinderliter said.
“As far as services to the community, it won’t be everything that they’re used to having,” he said.
Some of the library’s new books and high-demand material will be in the community room available for patrons to browse.
If someone is looking for a book in the main facility, a staff member will be able to retrieve it.
“Patrons will have access to our entire collection, with the exception of music, our CDs,” Hinderliter said. “We have quite a bit (of the collection) set out for them to look at in the community room.”
 The library has been closed since March 17, when the staff discovered a water heater had broken sometime after closing March 15. The resulting leak left 60 percent of the library under water.
Hinderliter had hoped to open the library March 20, and then again Monday. He called off those plans first to give carpet in the facility more time to dry and then because of concerns about patron safety.
During a meeting Wednesday, the board of directors decided it would be best to keep the main facility close while finding a way to still serve the community.
Staff members worked Thursday and Friday to get the community room set up and ready for patrons.
“I wasn’t totally sure how that was going to look, but we have enough people on staff who can think creatively and try to think of something that will work,” Hinderliter said. “I just kind of let them go, and they’ve got it all set up and figured out.”
Patrons won’t be able to use the public computers right away, because there are still some electrical and data issues that need to be worked out.
Hinderliter hopes to have those available later in the week.
“Our public computers are well-used, and so it’s going to be hard for a while,” he said.
Visitors to the library will still be able to access WiFi through their own devices.
They will also able to send and receive faxes and use the copy machine with assistance from a staff member.
The library’s collection of magazines and newspapers will be available for browsing.
The situation will be different for a while, Hinderliter said, but using the community room is the best way for the library to serve Jay County residents while also keeping them safe.
After working for about four hours Friday to get the community room ready, library staff members are eager to get back to work, Hinderliter said.
“They really do have a good spirit,” he said. “I’ve been very pleased with that and just a good team effort.”
He’s also excited to open back up to the public.
“As long as nothing catastrophic happens, we’re ready to go,” he said.