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Saturday, February 25, 2017
  • To the editor: After attending the Jay School Board meeting Monday, I heard a remark made that no letters from Pennville supporters had been written to the newspaper. Well, here is mine.
  • For a column with “history” in the title, I sure do write a lot about space.
  • To the editor: Two years ago, when the school corporation last publicly held meetings to close Pennville Elementary, the effect on the students was evident in the resulting ISTEP score of a D.
  • The line is longer than expected.
  • To the editor: February 19 through 24 is Tri Kappa Week in Indiana.
  • To the editor: In the not too distant past, so-called President-elect Donald Trump promised to “Drain the Swamp.”
  • In the last few years, there’s been much discussion about the number of manufacturing and other blue collar jobs that have been lost to outsourcing, enabled by free trade agreements like NAFTA. Though that topic certainly deserves discussion, I think another aspect of the job loss equation is being left out.
  • To the editor: This year, payday lenders have put heavy pressure on our lawmakers to give them a new carve-out in state statute.
  • The return address on the envelope was baffling.
  • Probably no aspect of local government is as misunderstood as the county council.
  • To the editor: We would like to thank everyone who helped to make the benefit for Melissa Fifer-Campofiore family a success.
  • State Sen. Travis Holdman has always struck us as a pretty level-headed guy.

  • To the editor: I would like to comment on Adam Gray’s fine, well-written, fact-filled, heartfelt letter to the editor concerning the Jay County High School coaching staffs, football in particular.
  • To the editor: Fear and ignorance are the handmaidens to the bride of oppression.
  • Dear Students, I understand from my good friend Andy Lippman in South Pasadena, California, that you are studying to become U.S. citizens.
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