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Monday, July 25, 2016
  • I love politics. I love the drama it provides. 
    That’s why I was saddened to leave Missouri. The show-me state has shown its share of political theatre in 2016. 
  • To the editor: While returning from a work trip to Houston last weekend, it was impossible to miss noticing two things along the journey.
  • To the editor: I would like to share my opinion about school lunches.
  • What is it about hate?
  • To the editor: The staff and residents of CrownPointe Communities would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim and Kathy Sliger, owners of Southern Thunder Fireworks located on Water Street in Portland, for their generous donation of fireworks.
  • Historians writing about Indiana politics are going to have their hands full when it comes to explaining 2016.
  • I need to come clean on something. I'm not from St. Louis.
  • To the editor:
    Recently, Baron Hill stepped down to allow Evan Bayh to compete in the race for the United States Senate.
  • To the editor: On June 11, a benefit wiffle ball tournament was put on by Chad Funk, Brett Wagner and Dawn Keller for Andrew Wellman and his family.
  • An item on the front page of Saturday's edition of The Commercial Review indicated that this week's column was going to reminisce about the Jay County Fair in years gone by.
  • To the editor: I agree with the editorial Jack Ronald published July 7.
  • A little more than 40 years ago, a rescue took place in Jay County.
  •  Can we please stop shooting each other?
    That seems a fairly simple request, and yet, over and over again, we wake up to find that more of our friends, neighbors and countrymen have been shot.
  •  “Do you still want to do this?” 
    That’s the question my physical therapist asked me at the end of last year. 
  • Is there some sort of proper parade etiquette?

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