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Tuesday, August 04, 2015
  • It’s understandable if black people getting killed by white police officers in situations in which the necessity of lethal force is controversial feels like old news. 
  • To the editor:
    Thank you Jay County for making the 2015 July 4 Celebration another successful event. 
  • Every once in awhile an idea comes along that is so smart and makes so much sense, you want to smack your forehead in amazement that it hadn’t occurred to you before. 
  • Ready for your close-up, Dunkirk? 
  • Say hello to my little friend. 
  • To the editor:
    To inspire 1,000 families of kindergarten through third grade students to register for a college savings account in just a matter of days takes vision and effort. Jay School Corporation and John Jay Center for Learning will help make college savings a reality for more than 1,000 students as they establish CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings accounts during elementary school registration Thursday and Monday. 
  • On July 5, Hillary Clinton did a CNN interview in which she told several blatant lies. 
  • I could take my column from last week, update some details, and it would still be just as relevant, given Thursday night’s shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. 
  • To the editor: What are three words to describe the 2015 Miss Jay County Fair Queen Pageant? Weather, change, success. 
  • I counted something like 50 rings. 
  • To the editor: Guilty? In a July 14 editorial in The Commercial Review, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is blamed for teacher shortages that are occurring in some Indiana school districts. 
  • I’d say the two largest news events Thursday were the verdict in the James Holmes trial and the shooting in Chattanooga.
    Let’s think about that. Those two stories are about events in which multiple people were shot and killed.  
  • As local government officials work to figure out solutions to flooding problems, some uncomfortable questions loom out there: What if this extreme weather is the result of climate change? What if this is the new normal? 
  • Virgal Kesler once moved an entire gymnasium 90 degrees without lifting a finger. 
  • Suddenly, it seems, it’s difficult to find young teachers to fill open teaching positions in Indiana. 
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