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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
  • To the editor:
    I’d like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Jay County Chamber of Commerce for the honor of being nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • To the editor: A special thank you goes out to the Dunkirk community for their recent display of unwavering warmth and generosity, from the officers and members of Dunkirk Elks Lodge 1776.
  • To the editor: Dear Indiana Gov. Mike Pence,
    We as Indiana voters are taking issue with some of the things you are trying to do. We voted for Glenda Ritz as Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    Everything you are doing against that position negates our vote and its importance. This, we feel is not right, and not within your powers as governor.
    Another thing you are doing is working to transfer our local decision making to the state level. This will not do, either.
  • News travels faster these days. Scandals are unveiled, reviled, and forgotten in the blink of an eye.
  • Isn’t it remarkable how much more elbow room there is when folks disappear for spring break?

  • Folks, this is going to be close.
  • To the editor:
    I ride a bicycle as my means of transportation.
  • To the editor:
    I am so proud of Jack Ronald for the March 4 editorial concerning our governor, Mike Pence. 
  • Let’s start by acknowledging that the Public Broadcasting Corporation is a wonderful thing. 
  • So, what happens to Russia after Vladimir Putin?
  • To the editor: This is definitely my last correspondence on this subject.
  • If the Indiana General Assembly is serious about tackling an issue that really matters, instead of political posturing and introducing measures designed to satisfy campaign donors, here’s a topic worth consideration: Indiana’s regional sewer districts.
  • We will never agree with every vote made by our state representative and senator.
  • To the editor: I just want to know why the streets in this city are in the shape they are in.
  • If you haven’t been thinking about Selma this week, you should have been.
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