To the editor:
Where do I start?
What an extraordinary last few weeks it has been.
First and foremost, I would like to thank Jack Ronald, Ray Cooney and the entire staff of The Commercial Review for their continued articles over the past few years on a new pool. I don’t think we would be where we are today without being constantly reminded in our hometown newspaper that the need was there. Thank you again.
Secondly, I would like to thank Rod Ashman and the Portland Park Board for working with the committee that was formed over a year ago to research ideas and plans for a new pool as well as a ballpark idea of the cost to the citizens of Portland. If we as citizens of Portland and Jay County visit Berne, Marion and Fort Recovery pools as well as Pine Lake, what is to stop them from visiting our new pool?
And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the current Mayor Randy Geesaman, and the city council for its vote Monday in favor of a substantial contribution to this building of a new pool. A special thank you to all attendees who took the time out of their schedules April 21 to not only attend the city council meeting but speak out in favor of a new pool.
I spent a vacation in Florida over spring break … talking about a new pool. I have spent winter mornings with friends over breakfast talking about a new pool. I’ve spent the last five-plus years at the pool … talking about a new pool. Now we are talking about a new pool one year from today. I was one of the first to swim in the “new” Portland Pool in the summer of 1960. Please Lord let me be one of the first to walk the “newer” pool the summer of 2015.
And while I have the podium, please allow me the time to thank the students and staff at Jay County High School for the momentous honor bestowed upon my great nephew at the Prom. Yup that would be King Kameron Woodbury, a bright light in the lives of all who are blessed to know him and love him. He was raised by two parents, Kevin and Kris, who always told him he could do whatever he wanted … it just may take him a little longer to learn how. He is in preparation for his 10th year as a 4-H member showing his beloved pigs.
I’m not prejudiced, you see, because I am proud of all my nieces and nephew, great nieces and great nephews and great-great nieces and nephew for their accomplishments also. My Mom (Mildred Haley, God rest her soul) always said if you don’t honk your own horn ain’t nobody gonna do it for you.
Honk, honk Kameron … you rock.
Melodi Haley