Public Notice State of Indiana Jay County Circuit Court In Re The Adoption Of: T.RJ., R.LJ., and B.A.J, Minors Cause No. 38COl-1401-AD-00001 Notice To Brandon Ray Johnson Brandon Ray Johnson, who has been named the father of the children born to Randon L. Huftel on 5/19/2001, 3/8/2003, and 12/20/2004, is notified that a petition for adoption of the children was filed in the office of the clerk of the Jay County Circuit Court, 120 N. Conrt Street, Portland Indiana 47371, in cause number 38C01-1401-AD-00001. If Brandon Ray Johnson seeks to contest the 'adoption of the children, he must file a motion to contest the adoption in accordance with IC 31-19-10-1 in the above named court not later than thirty (30) days after the date of service of this notice. If Brandon Ray Johnson does not file a motion to contest the adoption within thirty (30) days after service of this notice, the above named court will hear and determine the petition for adoption. His consent will be irrevocably implied and he will lose his right to contest either the adoption or the validity of his implied consent to the adoption. He will lose any right to establish his paternity of the child under IC 31-14. Nothing Randon L. Huftel or anyone else says to Brandon Ray Johnson relieves him of his obligations under this notice. This notice complies with IC 3 I-19-4-5 but does not exhaustively set forth a putative father's legal obligations under the Indiana adoption statutes. A person being served with this notice should consult the Indiana adoption statutes. Clerk of the Jay Circuit Court CR 2-27,3-6,13-2014-HSPAXLP