­­Public Notice STATE OF INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT – OFFICE OF WATER QUALITY - NPDES PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 2012 – 12I - RD; DATE OF NOTICE: DECEMBER 27, 2012; DATE RESPONSE DUE: JANUARY 28, 2013. DRAFT RENEWAL: PORTLAND (city) WWTP, Permit No. IN0020095, JAY COUNTY, 1315 Shadeland Av, Portland, IN. This municipal facility discharges 2.35 million gallons daily of sanitary wastewater into the Salamonia River. Permit Manager: Alissa Feilen, 317/232-8739, afeilen@idem.in.gov. Contact the permit manager for an E copy or inquire at your local county Health Department. Response Procedures: The proposed decision to issue a permit is tentative. Interested persons are invited to submit written comments on the Draft permit which must be postmarked no later than the Response Date noted to be considered in the decision to issue a Final permit. Public Hearing Request: IDEM will hold a public hearing if there is a significant degree of public interest. A request for public hearing must be made in writing before the Response Due date. Public Notice of this hearing will be published in the local county paper, and mailed to everyone submitting comments and/or requesting notice at least 30 days prior to the hearing. All written requests must include: the name and address of the person making the request, the interest of the person making the request, persons represented by the person making the request, the reason for the request and the issues proposed for consideration at the hearing. Send or deliver all correspondence to the address above, mail code 65-42 PS, to the permit writer listed. Please tell anyone you think would be interested in this matter. For your rights & responsibilities see:www.in.gov/idem/5474.htm; Public Participation Guide: www.in.gov/idem/4172.htm ; Citizen Guide:www.in.gov/idem/5803.htm CR– December 27, 2012