­­Public Notice Public Notice of Petroleum Release, Spill or Overfill Local health departments are required by statute (IC 13-23-16) to inform the public of the discovery of released regulated substances at an underground storage tank site or in the surrounding area under 329 IAC 9-4-1 (1) or a spill or overfill under 329 IAC 9-4-4 (a). The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) was notified on February 25, 2013 of such an incident from the owner or operator of the Northside Shell Facility located at 620 North Meridian in or near Portland in Jay County. For further information on the Leaking Underground Storage Tank program, please go to www.IN.gov/idem/4997.htm. Or contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management at (317) 232-8900 or by e-mailing at LeakingUST@idem.IN.gov CR 3-5, 2013