­­Public Notice Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana Cash & Investment Combine Statement - 2012 Local Fund Local Fund Name Beg Cash Bal Receipts Disbursements End Cash Number & Inv. Bal & Inv. Bal Jan 1, 2012 Dec 31, 2012 Gov. 1 Fire Fighting $26,161.72 $8,148.52 $6,000.00 $28,310.24 Activities 2 Park And Recreation $5,847.71 $0.00 $403.54 $5,444.17 3 Rainy Day $2,197.12 $0.00 $0.00 $2,197.12 4 Township $51,875.60 $30,747.01 $33,523.39 $49,099.22 5 Township Assistance $34, 181.14 $8,309.35 $4,744.83 $37,725.66 6 Levy Excess Fund $1,185.00 $0.00 $1,185.00 $0.00 7 Investment Fund $50,012.98 $11.27 $24.25 $50,000.00 Total All Funds $171,441.27 $47,216.15 $45,881.01 $172,776.41 Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana Detailed Receipts 2012 Fire Fighting General Property Taxes $6,858.03 Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) for Levy Freeze $797.00 Motor Vehicle/Aircraft Excise Tax Distribution $404.44 Commercial Vehicle Excise Tax Distribution (CVET) $3.00 Transfers in - Transfers from Another Fund $86.00 Total Fire Fighting $8,148.52 Township General Property Taxes $13,963.15 Local Income Tax (LOIT) for Levy Freeze $3,879.00 Financial Institution Tax distribution $51.33 Motor Vehicle/Aircraft Excise Tax Distribution $1,231.35 Commercial Vehicle Excise Tax Distribution (CVET) $13.06 Cemetery Receipts $200.00 Earnings on Investments and Deposits $222.51 Donations, Gifts and Bequests $200.00 Transfers in - Transferred from Another Fund $1,123.25 Other Taxes/6007 - Certified Shares $8,084.14 Other Taxes/6201 PTRC $1,779.22 Total Township $30,747.01 Township General Property Taxes $7,535.11 Assistance Financial Institution Tax Distribution $21.67 Motor Vehicle/Aircraft Excise Tax Distribution $519.63 Commercial Vehicle Excise Tax Distribution (CVET) $5.94 Donations, Gifts, and Bequests $227.00 Total Township Assistance $8,309.35 Investment Fund Earnings on Investments and Deposits $11.27 Total Investment Fund $11.27 Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana Disbursements by Vendor 2012 Fund/Category/Vendor Name Amount Fire Fighting Other Disbursements Town of Pennville - Fire Dept. Draw $6,000.00 Fire Fighting $6,000.00 Park and Recreation Services and Charges Indiana & MIchigan Power $403.54 Park and Recreation $403.54 Township Personal Services Steven G. Cash $6,000.00 Brenda L. Cash $3,039.96 Ronald Paxson $400.00 Douglas Geesaman $400.00 Victor McEwen $400.00 Township Supplies Boyce $53.20 Township Services and Charges Auto Owners Insurance $692.00 Brewster Electric Co. $1,686.72 Century Link $853.15 CNA Surety $120.00 Coldren & Frantz $423.00 Corwin Trenching and Excavating $1,264.01 Encore Insurance Group $156.00 Franklin Electric Supply Co. $417.53 Graphic Printing Co. $461.81 Hilty Engines $255.90 Indiana & MIchigan Power $382.88 Indiana Township Association $100.00 J.A. Miller and Sons Oil Co. $462.49 Dave Jarrell $2,224.79 Kermit Geesaman $200.00 Postmaster $45.00 William Paxson $550.00 Township Capital Outlays Amos Schwartz Construction $9,000.00 Tamara K. Hanlin $1,240.00 Township Other Disbursements Jay County Treasurer $1,221.26 State of Indiana $355.00 Steve Cash $344.90 United States Treasury $773.79 Township $33,523.39 Township Assistance Township Assistance Indiana & Michigan Power Co. $2,167.41 Neil Kegerris $350.00 Ohio Valley Gas $275.76 Pennville Manor $150.00 Penn Will Farms, Inc. $400.00 Town of Pennville $526.93 Tom Paxson $230.00 Tom Reinhard $329.73 Yoder Farms & Rentals $315.00 Township Assistance $4,744.83 Levy Excess Fund Other Disbursements Township Fund $1,099.00 Fire Fighting Fund $86.00 Levy Excess Fund $1,185.00 Certification State of Indiana SS: Jay County I, Steven G. Cash Trustee of Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana, do solemnly affirm under the penalty of perjury that the preceding report is complete, true and correct; that the sum with which I am charged in this report are all of the sums received by me; and that the various items of expenditures credited have been fully paid in the sums stated; that such payments were made without express or implied agreement that any portion thereof shall be retained by or repaid to me or to any other person. I further affirm that a complete and detailed annual report, together with all accompanying vouchers showing the names of persons having been paid money by the township, have been filed as required by law in the office of the County Auditor, and that copies of such annual report are in custody of the Township Board and the State Board of Accounts. Said report is subject to inspection by any taxpayer of the township. Steven G. Cash Penn Township Trustee Telephone: 260-731-4197 Date this report was to be published 2-7, 2013 Subscribed and sworn (or affirmed) to before me, the Chairman of the Township Board of Penn Township at its annual meeting this 22nd day of January, 2013. Ronald Paxson Penn Township Board Chairman Option 1 This report was received, accepted, and approved by the Township Board at its annual meeting, this 22nd day of January, 2013 Penn Township Board Ronald Paxson Douglas A Geesaman CR 2-7, 2013 NS 2-13, 2013