­­Public Notice Legal Notice Of Public Hearing The Alcoholic Beverage Board of Jay County, Indiana, will hold a public hearing at 11 :00 AM on April 23, 2013, at the Court House, Auditorium in the city of Portland in said county, to investigate the propriety of holding an alcoholic beverage permit by the applicants listed herein to wit: RR3816123 Retailer - Beer, Wine And Liquor Renewal Greazy Pickle LLC, 211 West Main Street, Portland D/B/A Greazy Pickle Chris Grieshop, 1843 East 100 South, Portland, Pres. Thomas Emerick, 2409 South 50 East, Portland, Secy. DL3810163 Dealer - Beer, Wine And Liquor Renewal Portland Carryouts LLC, 1226 N. Meridian St., Portland D/B/A Northside Carry-Out Alcohol and Tobacco Commission CR 4-8-2013