Public Notice State of Indiana County of Jay, SS: In The Jay Circuit Court In the matter of the estate of Mary A. Ashcraft, deceased NO. 38C0l-1304-EU-11 Notice of unsupervised administration to be mailed to a distributee In the Circuit Court of Jay County, Indiana. Notice is hereby given that Ruth E. Wheeler and Paul H. Ashcraft, on April 9, 2013, were appointed as the Co-Personal Representatives of the estate of Mary A. Ashcraft, who died on the 15th day of March, 2013, leaving a will. The estate will be administered without court supervision. As an heir, a devisee, or a legatee of the estate (a "distributee"), you are advised of the following information: (1) The Co-Personal Representatives have the authority to take actions concerning the estate without first consulting you. (2) The Co-Personal Representatives may be serving without posting a bond with the court. You have the right to petition the court to set a bond for your protection. (3) The Co-Personal Representatives will not obtain court approval of any action, including the amount of attorney's or personal representatives' fees. (4) Within two (2) months after the appointment of the Co-Personal Representatives, the Co-Personal Representatives must prepare an inventory of the estate's assets. You have the right to request and receive a copy of this inventory from the Co-Personal Representatives. (5) The Co-Personal Representatives are required to furnish you with a copy of the closing statement that will be filed with the court, and, if your interests are affected, with a full account in writing of the administration of the estate. (6) You must file an objection to the closing statement within three (3) months after the closing statement is filed with the court if you want the court to consider your objection. (7) If an objection to the closing statement is not filed with the court within three (3) months after the filing of the closing statement, the estate is closed and the court does not have a duty to audit or make an inquiry. If, at any time before the estate is closed, you have reason to believe that the administration of the estate should be supervised by the court, you have the right to petition the court for supervised administration. If you do not understand this notice, you should ask your attorney to explain it to you. The Co-Personal Representatives' addresses are Ruth E. Wheeler, P.O. Box 3., Convoy, Ohio 45832 and Paul H. Ashcraft, 201 Miller Ave., Albany, Indiana 47320, and the telephone numbers are (419) 605-2267 and (765) 789-6615. The attorney for the Co-Personal Representatives is James E. Beitler, Jr., whose address is 110 S. Jefferson St., Berne, Indiana 46711 and telephone number is (260) 589-3139. Dated on April 9 ,2013. Ellen Coats, Clerk Jay Circuit Court James E. Beitler, Jr. Attorney for Estate No. 2663-01 Baumgartner & Beitler 110 S. Jefferson St. Berne, IN 46711 Telephone: (260) 589-3139 CR 4-12,19, 2013 - HSPAXLP