Public Notice Public Hearing Notice of amendments to the city of Portland ordinances concerning the zoning ordinance & subdivision control ordinance The City of Portland Plan Commission hereby gives notice of a meeting to be held on April 3, 2014. at 5:00 pm in the Community Resource Center, 118 S Meridian Street. Portland, Indiana, to consider the following proposed amendments to the City of Portland Unified Zoning & Subdivision Control Ordinance. The City of Portland Plan Commission is the Initiating party of these proposed amendments. The amendments in their entirety may be examined in the Plan Commission Office, Jay/Portland Building and Planning Department, 118 S Meridian Street, Suite E, Portland, Indiana, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Persons may offer an oral opinion at the hearing or submit written comments to the Plan Commission Office ten (10) days prior to the hearing. The hearing may be continued thereafter to a future date. Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance: Zoning Code/District name change from Agricultural "A" District to Agricultural Residential "AR" District throughout the Ordinance Zoning Code changes for Rural Residential "R2" to "RR", and for Industrial "I" to "IND" throughout the Ordinance Zoning Code/District name change from Open Space "O" District to Parks & Recreation "PR" District throughout the Ordinance The term "Zoning Administrator/Director" will replace the terms 'Administrator', 'Director', Jay Co/Portland Building & Planning Department' and 'Plan Commission Director' throughout the Ordinance, Make corrections throughout the Ordinance for 'Chapter', 'Article', 'Code' when in reference to "Section"; correct any typos, numbering, formatting, etc. Amendments to the following Sections: Section 2 Definitions / Section 3.1 Zoning Districts - Establishment/Section 3.5 Historical District / Section 3.6 Parks & Recreation District Uses / Section 3.10 R8 Medium Density Residential District Uses / Section 3.11 R10 High Density Residential District Uses / Section 3.12 Neighborhood Business District Uses / Section 3.15 Industrial District Uses / Section 4.0 Development Standards Introduction & Application / Section 4.1 Accessory Uses / Section 4.2 Miscellaneous Standards / Section 4.4-1 Type I Home Occupation (Examples of Permitted Uses) / Section 4.8-2 Agricultural Fences / Section 4.14 Environmental Regulations / Section 4.15 Confined Feeding Standards / Section 8.2 Sign Regulation Definitions / Section 8.4 Inspection, Removal, Safety/Section 8.7 Exemptions / Section 8.8-1 Temporary Sign Permit Regulations / Section 8.10 Mural Standards & Regulations / Section 8.13-2 "NB" District Permitted Signage / Section 8.14-2 "CB" District Permitted Signage / Section 8.15-2 "HS" District Permitted Signage / Section 8.16-2 "IND" District Permitted Signage / Section 11.6 Improvement Location Permit Applications William D. Milligan Administrator/Director Jay/Portland Building & Planning Department 3-17-2014-HSPAXLP