Public Notice City of Portland Zoning Administration Board of Zoning Appeals Public Hearing Notice Notice is hereby given that: Greg Hemmelgarn, has filed with the City of Portland Board of Zoning Appeals a petition, # VAR 2013-10-10, requesting two Variances to the zoning regulations, to wit: Parcel ID: 38-07-21-202-051.000-034 Location: 215 E North Street, Portland IN, Wayne Township, Section 21 Action Requested: Variance #1: City of Portland Zoning Ordinance Section 4: 4.2(C)(2) All dwelling units ... with the front entrance facing the street or roadway. The owner would like to place the duplex on the property with one (1) entrance facing North Street and one (1) entrance facing the alley. // Variance #2: City of Portland Zoning Ordinance Section 4: 4.6-1 Buffering Standards / (per Grid Requirements between R10 High Density Residential and R8 Medium Density Residential) Buffer Yard Type 2 shall be a minimum width of 20 feet in addition to the yard setback required by this Ordinance. The property is 66 feet wide and cannot meet this requirement. The petition and file on this matter are available at the Jay/Portland Building and Planning Department, 118 South Meridian Street, Portland, Indiana. A public hearing will be held by said Board of Zoning Appeals on November 12, 2013 at 5:00 P.M. at the Community Resource Building, 118 S Meridian Street, Portland, Indiana. City of Portland Board of Zoning Appeals By: William D. Milligan, Administrator/Director Date: 10/16/2013 CR 10-21-2013 - HSPAXLP