Public Notice State of Indiana County of Jay, SS: In The Jay County Circuit Court Cause No. 38 C0l-1311-PL-16 State Of Indliana, Plaintiff, v. Russell K Sloan, Shammah Lnvestments, LLC And Jay County, Indiana, Defendants. Summons By Publication and Notice of Appropriation of Real Estate This is to notify defendant Russell K. Sloan, or his heirs, devisees, or successors, to appear before the above-designated Court of Jay County, Indiana, Courthouse, 120 N. Court Street, Portland, IN 47371, no later than thirty (30) days after the last notice of the action is published in accordance with the provisions of Trial Rule 4.13, to show cause, if any exists, why the real estate to be appropriated by the State of Indiana in this cause should not be condemned. The State of Indiana has attempted to locate the current address of Russell K. Sloan and/or his heirs, devisees, or successors, however, their whereabouts remain unknown. Failure to object to this appropriation within thirty (30) days could result in the real estate being appropriated without further opportunity to contest the appropriation. However, even after the appropriation, if you have an interest in the real estate appropriated, you will have the opportunity to litigate the price to be paid for the real estate. The real estate interests to be appropriated are described in the Complaint filed under this cause and the legal description is attached thereto as Exhibit A. Witness my Hand and the Seal of the Court affixed at Crown Point, Indiana, this 10th day of December , 2013. Ellen Coats Clerk, Jay Circuit Court CR 12-19,26-2013, 1-2, 2013 - HSPAXLP