Public Notice Legal Notice State of Indiana Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Cause No. 44313 Verified application of Indiana Michigan Power Company, an Indiana Corporation, for approval pursuant to Ind. Code 8-1-8.8-11 of a renewable energy project power purchase agreement with the city of Winchester, Indiana, including cost recovery. Please be notified that on February 25, 2013, Indiana Michigan Power Company, the Petitioner in the above-entitled cause, filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission its Petition for approval of a renewable wind energy project power purchase agreement between I&M and the City of Winchester, Indiana and timely recovery of associated costs. Dated at Fort Wayne, Indiana, this 9th day of April 2013. Indiana Michigan Power Company By: Paul Chodak III Its: President and Chief Operating Officer CR 4-13, 2013 NS 4-17, 2013 - HSPAXLP