Public Notice Notice Of Real Property Tax Sale Jay County Indiana Beginning 10:00:00 AM, 10/16/2013 Commissioners’ Room Local Time Jay County Pursuant to the laws of the Indiana General Assembly, notice is hereby given that the following described property is listed for sale for delinquent taxes and/or special assessments. The county auditor and county treasurer will apply on or after 9/27/2013 for a court judgment against the tracts or real property for an amount that is not less than the amount set out below and for an order to sell the tracts or real property at public auction to the highest bidder, subject to the right of redemption. Any defense to the application for judgment must be filed with the Jay County Superior Court and served on the county auditor and treasurer before 9/27/2013. The court will set a date for a hearing at least seven (7) days before the advertised date of sale and the court will determine any defenses to the application for judgment at the hearing. The county auditor and the county treasurer are entitled to receive all pleadings, motions, petitions, and other filings related to the defense to the application for judgment. Such sale will be held on 10/16/2013 at the Commissioners’ Room and that sale will continue until all tracts and real property have been offered for sale. Property will not be sold for an amount which is less than the sum of: (A) the delinquent taxes and special assessments on each tract or item of real property; and (B) the taxes and special assessments on the real property that are due and payable in the year of the sale, whether or not they are delinquent; and (C) all penalties due on the delinquencies, and (D) an amount prescribed by the county auditor that equals the sum of: (1) twenty-five($25) for postage and publication costs; and (2) any other costs incurred by the county that are directly attributable to the tax sale; and (E) any unpaid costs due under IC 6-1.1-24-2(b) from a prior tax sale; and No property listed below shall be sold if, at any time before the sale, the Total Amount for Judgment is paid in full. If the real property is sold in the tax sale, the amount required to redeem such property will be 110% of the minimum bid for which the tract or real property was offered at the time of sale, as required by IC 6-1.1-24-5 if redeemed not more than six (6) months after the date of sale, or 115% of the minimum bid for which the tract or real property was offered at the time of sale, as required by IC 6-1.1-24-5 if redeemed more than six (6) months after the date of sale, plus the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the minimum bid on the real property plus ten percent (10%) per annum on the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the minimum bid on the property. All taxes and special assessments upon the property paid by the purchaser subsequent to the sale, plus 10% per annum interest on those taxes and special assessments, will also be required to be paid to redeem such property. In addition, IC 6-1.1-25-2 (e) states the total amount required for redemption may include the following costs incurred and paid by the purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee or the county before redemption: (1) The attorney’s fees and cost of giving notice under IC 6-1.1-25-4.5. (2) The costs of title search or examining and update the abstract of title for the tract or item of real property. The period of redemption shall expire on Thursday, October 16, 2014 for an initial offering. The period of redemption may expire Thursday, February 13, 2014 for certificates not sold. If the tract or item of real property is sold for an amount more than the minimum bid and the property is not redeemed, the owner of record of the property who is divested of ownership at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus. The Auditor and Treasurer specifically reserve the right to withhold from the sale any parcel which has been listed in error, or which otherwise becomes ineligible for sale either prior to 10/16/2013 or during the duration of the sale. This notice of real property tax sale, and the tax sale itself are undertaken and will be conducted pursuant to the requirements of the laws of the State of Indiana which regulate the sale of land for delinquent taxes, pursuant to I.C. 6-1.1-24-1 et seq. The County does not warrant the accuracy of the street address or common description of the property, and a misstatement in the key number or street address does not invalidate an otherwise valid sale. Dated: 9/4/2013 Registration For Bidding On the Tax Sale: If you are interested in bidding on the tax sale for an Indiana county, you may register online at This registration is good for all counties that SRI services. You need to register only once for all counties. If you do not have access to a computer with internet service you may register the morning of the sale. Please arrive the morning of the tax sale at least 30 minutes before the beginning time to be assured you will receive your bid number before the start of the sale. Please bring your registration form and W9 form with you the morning of the tax sale. You will be able to print these forms from the registration web site. 381300002 38-01-04-400-009.000-010 $1,792.78 Binegar Russell A and Sharon D Pt SE quarter SE quarter .75a S 165 X W 198 X N 165 X E 198 Ft S4 T24 R12 8218 N 950 W 381300003 38-01-10-100-008.000-010 $561.86 Hanlin Perry L and Whitcomb Jaqueline L Pt N half NE quarter S10 T24 R12 1a 7931 N Hwy 1 381300004 38-01-10-100-009.000-010 $328.32 Hanlin Perry L and Whitcomb Jaqueline L Pt N half NE quarter S10 T24 R12 2.00a N Parcel S. Of 7931 N Hwy 1 381300005 38-01-15-200-012.000-010 $2,586.89 Hanlin George Edward Jr and Esther Carolyn PT E half NW quarter S15 T24 R12 9a 9105 W Balbec Rd 381300008 38-01-27-403-014.000-011 $500.46 Kelly Jerry Wayne Jr and Connie Lots 30-31 and 32 Grissell 3rd Add 215 W High St 381300009 38-01-27-404-006.000-011 $2,166.57 Hanlin Perry L and Whitcomb Jacqueline L Jointly With Righ “D” Pt E half SE quarter S27 T24 R12 Jointly With R Of Survivorship 565 N Union St 381300010 38-01-34-101-001.000-011 $2,116.97 Hanlin Perry L and Whitcomb Jacqueline L Lot 1 44 feet W Pt Of Outlot 4 A Grissell 1st Add 305 N Union St 381300016 38-09-08-101-049.000-014 $2,209.53 Burcham Jennifer L N Pt O L 7 Pt O L 3 Websters First Add Lot Next To 422 N Main St With Partial House 381300017 38-09-08-101-069.000-014 $2,229.28 Wysong Tina Lot 3 Websters 1st Add 344 N Main St 381300018 38-09-08-101-076.000-014 $1,368.38 Nelson Teresa J Lot 6 Block 32 Op 222 W North St 381300019 38-09-08-101-085.000-014 $793.75 Patterson Kenneth R 45 feet W Pt Lot 7 Block 32 O P 210 W North St 381300020 38-09-08-101-137.000-014 $1,706.55 Jones James A 37 Ft S Pt Lot 4 Block 21 Op 217 N Main St 381300021 38-09-08-102-053.000-014 $1,167.22 Bennett Joshua A and Tonya R Lot 3 Block 25 O P 351 Lincoln Ave 381300024 38-09-08-102-071.000-014 $510.57 Ooten Okey L Pt W (16/5x130) Lot 3 Block 25 8-22-12 Vacant Lot East Of 355 W Washington 381300025 38-09-08-103-006.000-014 $337.82 Fisher Stacey Lee 40 X 130 O L 5 Op 335 W Commerce St 381300026 38-09-08-103-024.000-014 $1,631.23 Schotts Reconstructive Realty Lot 8 Block 38 O P 349 W Washington St 381300027 38-09-08-103-096.000-014 $1,032.71 Crouch Mary E third Lot 19 and All Of Lot 20 Block 39 O P 316 W Jay St 381300028 38-09-08-103-099.000-014 $3,261.95 Moon Nancy Lot 5 Block 10 O P 126 W Pleasant St 381300030 38-09-08-103-158.000-014 $5,210.63 Neal Maxine G Pt Lot 1 Block 15 O P Pt Lot 5 506 S Main 381300031 38-09-08-104-008.000-014 $1,844.44 Sargent James J and Babbette Y N half S half Lots 3 and 4 Block 28 Op 219 N Indiana St 381300032 38-09-08-104-010.000-014 $266.56 Sargent Rita M S half S half Lots 3 and 4 Block 28 Op Vacant Lot South Of 219 N Indiana 381300033 38-09-08-104-013.000-014 $12,543.02 Stewart Richard 15 half feet Front Pt Lot 1 Block 19 Pt Lot 1 and 2 (51 X 53) Block 19 2nd Story 5 feet Stairway Pt Lot 1 Pt Lot 1 Block 19 16 feet 4 inches Frontage Lower Floor Op 102 N Main St 381300034 38-09-08-104-016.000-014 $486.51 SEll Sylvester 32 X 130 Pt Lot 2 Block 18 SE Corner Of Main St and E Center St Dunkirk 47336 381300035 38-09-08-104-040.000-014 $1,291.29 Morehead Steven Pt Lot 3 Block 1 Op 105 S Main St 381300036 38-09-08-104-083.000-014 $11,457.38 Dishman Timothy J and Kayla Lot 5 RailroAd Add 221 E Railroad St 381300037 38-09-08-104-136.000-014 $1,492.56 Griffith Ernest and Candice E E half Lots 2, 3 and 4 Zehners Sub 120 S Broad St 381300042 38-09-08-204-015.000-014 $606.05 Martin Tyler Haleigh Martin and Hannah Martin With Le To Michael D Martin Mi Pt Frac NW quarter S8 T22 R12 5.234 A 532 S Angle St 381300044 38-09-08-401-007.000-014 $1,039.09 Lafever Arlie Murrell and Dortha J Lot 8 Bartletts Add 146 Grand St 381300045 38-09-08-401-035.000-014 $3,118.25 Leist Charity A Lot 1457 D L Co 1st Add 306 S Broad St 381300047 38-09-08-401-071.000-014 $1,251.11 Robbins Anthony A Lots 1201 and 1202 Pt E half W First St (Vac) 137.5 feet X 30 feet D L Co 1st Add 352 Moore Ave 381300048 38-09-08-402-010.000-014 $1,729.67 Delaware Homes Llc E half Lot 1 Thomas Add 117 E Jay St 381300052 38-09-08-402-080.000-014 $2,284.94 Chaudhry Kemberley A and Rauf N 30 feet S Side Lot 32-33 and 20 feet N Pt Vac Oak St and 5 feet5 inches E Side Of All MandE Add 826 S Franklin 381300053 38-09-08-402-086.000-014 $1,773.83 Myers Dawn N Lot 8 Evans and Wilson Add VacAnt Lot East Of 141 E Orange 381300054 38-09-08-402-106.000-014 $591.07 Henry Jeffery 25 Ft W Side Lot 49 and Vac Alley Evans Add Lot 50 and Pt Lots 48 and 49 1/ Of Vac Alley Ne Side 76 feetX42 half feet Manning and Evans Add 200 Chestnut Ave 381300055 38-09-08-402-112.000-014 $2,461.87 Griffith Ernest and Candice E Lot 1 and E half Of Lot 2 Moores 3rd Add 162 E Moore St 381300056 38-09-08-402-121.000-014 $441.79 SEll Sylvester Lot 4 Moores 1st Add Vacant Lot South Of 113 Moore Ave 381300057 38-09-08-402-133.000-014 $3,004.25 Griffith Candice E Pt (155x140x115x62)Lot 19 Moores 3rd 119 E Moore Ave 381300060 38-09-09-202-038.000-014 $382.66 Baker Joshua and Devona Tilley Lots 43, 44 and 10 feet W Side Of 45 Mt Auburn Add 326 E Ohio St 381300061 38-09-09-202-078.000-014 $4,814.99 Bowler Eric and Tracy Lots 137, 138 and 139 Mt Auburn Add 20 feet N Sd Rogers St 421 N Indiana St 381300064 38-09-09-202-104.000-014 $796.33 Bowman Heidi L Lots 149, 150 and 151 Mt Auburn Add Lots Behind 325 Mt Auburn Ave On Johnson St 381300065 38-09-09-202-107.000-014 $1,213.53 Bowman Heidi L Pt Ol 39 (Formerly #213) Mt Auburn Ad Vacant Lot At The Curve Of Johnson St Behind 222 E High Dunkirk 47336 381300066 38-09-09-202-128.000-014 $1,738.70 Fisher Stacey Lee Lot 4 J M Smith Sub Div 325 E High St 381300067 38-09-09-203-008.000-014 $438.42 Kraft Pamela J E 38 Ft Lot 6 J M Smith Sub Div 330 E North St 381300068 38-09-09-203-021.000-014 $4,160.69 Steveson Tim R and Angi K Lot 1 Mcnelly Sd 325 E North St 381300069 38-09-09-203-068.000-014 $8,867.24 Wells H Dale and Joyce A Mid Pts Lots 64 and 65 Hoovers Add 324 Shatto St 381300074 38-09-09-203-133.000-014 $566.75 Rogers Roy and Margaret J Lots 1 2 3 Broad St Addition 157 S Broad St 381300084 38-03-17-103-013.000-021 $1272.68 Elliott Susan M Pt S half NE quarter .22a S17 T24 R14 301 N Malin St 381300085 38-03-17-204-054.001-021 $2374.59 Hanlin Perry L and Jacqueline L Whitcomb Jt With Rts Surv Lot 7 Block 7 Op 104 W Main St 381300086 38-03-17-301-011.000-021 $2,180.69 Gillum Robert L E 36 feet Of Lot 3 Block 14 105 E Main St 381300088 38-06-01-100-003.001-022 $712.57 Boxell Jerry W and Mary D Pt NE quarter NE quarter 2.0 S1 T23 R13 2209 W 300 N 381300092 38-02-09-400-010.000-023 $418.62 Herman Max E and Betty J Pt NW quarter SE quarter S9 T24 R13 1.8a 7292 N 375 W 381300093 38-02-16-300-013.003-023 $1,370.64 Taylor Rick D Pt NE quarter SW quarter S16 T24 R13 24.99 A 4077 W 650 N 381300094 38-02-17-300-008.000-023 $707.05 Neuenschwander JOe A and Elizabeth H B E half NW quarter SW quarter S17 T24 R13 20.00 A Vacant Land Just East Of 6425 N 550 W Bryant 47326 381300095 38-02-30-300-008.001-023 $2,522.32 Stauffer Van E Le Max and Helen Stauffer Pt W half SW quarter S30 T24 R13 58.26a 6314 W 400 N 381300096 38-02-36-200-001.000-023 $729.07 Brotherton Shaun E and Dana J Pt W half W half W half NW quarter S36 T24 R13 3.46a 1451 W 400 N 381300097 38-10-04-400-015.000-024 $1,683.24 Habegger Neil E and Margaret E Pt W half SE quarter S4 T22 R13 3.385a 5314 W 67 Hwy 381300099 38-05-23-400-012.000-025$675.31 Hammond Dustin Pt SE quarter S23 T23 R12 5.58 Acres More Or Less 9094 W 100 S 381300100 38-05-25-100-002.001-025$962.70 Brewster Gary Dion Pt E Pt W half NE quarter 1a E Pt W half NE quarter 1a S25 T23 R12 2a Total 1256 S 825 W 381300101 38-12-15-300-009.000-026 $1,297.95 Addington William L and Deanna A Pt W half SW quarter S15 T22 R15 2.784 A 5719 S 700 E 381300103 38-08-08-100-008.000-028 $7,047.05 Habegger Neil and Margaret S half S half NE quarter 18a Forest Land18.65a S8 T23 R15 1612 N 600 E 381300104 38-08-09-300-013.000-028 $3,591.45 Betz Steven and Tracy J Pt S Pt SW quarter SW quarter 1.586a S9 T23 R15 6056 E 100 N 381300105 38-08-09-300-015.000-028 $1,647.91 Hardymon Jack J and Kinder Barbara C Pt S half SW quarter .56a S9 T23 R15 6416 E 100 N 381300107 38-11-27-400-013.000-029 $364.31 Lanning Lisa D Pt W half SE quarter S27 T22 R14 2.00a Vacant Land Between Treaty Line Rd and 200 E 381300108 38-11-27-800-006.000-029 $1,544.12 Lanning Lisa D Frac NE quarter 16.708a NE quarter SE quarter 26.367a S27 T22 R14 43.075a Total Vacant Land Between Treaty Line Rd and 200 E 381300111 38-09-09-100-012.002-030 $862.07 Renner Keith W and Lisa G Pt E half NE quarter S9 T22 R12 1.8 A 4398 S 1100 W 381300113 38-09-13-303-049.000-031 $453.10 Fiers Joe D and Molly E Lot 25 J Boyce 1st Add 30 N Spencer St 381300114 38-09-14-403-048.000-031 $819.84 Phillips James L Etals Pt Lot 1 E 188 feet Rebecca Holmes Add 620 W Main St 381300115 38-09-14-404-021.000-031 $683.08 Alsip Chad Howard and Misty Dawn Lot 87 Spahr and Andrews Add 233 N Oak 381300116 38-09-14-404-065.000-031 $1,374.07 Phinney Elizabeth A Lot 3 Spahrs 1st Add 32 N Meridian St 381300117 38-09-14-404-078.000-031 $3,297.29 Wentz Tommy and Beverly Lot 2 Block 4 R A Andrews Add 310 W Main St 381300119 38-09-23-101-054.000-031 $11,978.08 Fugiett Rodney F Pt NE Pt Of W half Lot 34 and SEcond Story Of Bldg On All Lot 34 O P Front 50 feetX80 feet Of The Lot Just East Of 128 W High Street Redkey 47373 381300121 38-09-23-101-067.000-031 $4,871.07 Fulks James D E 16 feet Lot 39 and W 20 inches X 60 feet Lot 38 O P 107 W High St 381300124 38-09-23-101-114.000-031 $177.07 Appenzeller Harry H Jr N Pt Lot 46 O P Small Triangle Of Land Behind 103 W High And Rail Road 381300125 38-09-23-102-009.000-031 $1,724.88 Phillips James L and Maves Pt W half NE quarter .31a Pt W half NE quarter .04a E Evans 1st Add 405 W Main St 381300126 38-09-23-102-014.000-031$393.12 Bailey Brooke M and Geeting Carolyn S Lots 26 and 27 Evan Evans Add 15 S Elm St 381300127 38-09-23-104-017.000-031 $1,428.58 Fiers Joe David and Molly E Lot 24 Mv Coon 2nd Add 15 W Logan St 381300128 38-09-24-201-001.000-031 $561.56 Howell Terry and Amy Lots 1 and 2 C and Edger SEcond Add 7 Harrison St 381300129 38-09-24-201-039.000-031 $1,101.12 Lanning Lisa Lots 25-28 Marietta Glass Co 237 E Delaware St 381300131 38-09-24-203-044.000-031 $1,380.25 Arbuckle Hubert L and Patricia A Lot 85 Mj Daugherty Add 521 S George St 381300132 38-09-24-302-021.000-031 $309.79 Miller Bobbie D Jr and Romona M Lots 56 and 57 Current South Side Add E Grandview Ave 381300133 38-09-24-302-022.000-031 $1,967.10 Miller Bobbie D Jr and RomoNa M Lot 55 Current South Side Add Vacant Lots Just West Of 117 E Grandview Ave 381300134 38-04-05-101-015.000-032 $705.52 Shaffer Robert L Lots 3 and 4 Block 3 New Corydon S5 T24 R15 8841 N Pearl St 381300146 38-07-17-404-065.000-034 $1,048.51 Davison Burnice Lot 5 Gebharts Sub Div O L 5 Bakers Add .1974a 808 N Franklin St 381300148 38-07-17-404-087.000-034 $1,501.93 Horner Ralph Jr Lot 14 Bakers Add 120 W Mcneil St 381300149 38-07-20-102-010.000-034 $1,065.90 Bennett Debra E Lot 1 and E half Lot 24 Haynes AdD .4330a 417 W Votaw St 381300151 38-07-20-102-079.000-034 $1,568.39 Sheeley Lyle and Rachel As Ten In Common With R Of Surv Lot 83 Haynes Add 427 W Race St 381300152 38-07-20-102-090.000-034 $1,002.72 Gutierrez Oscar and Karina Lot 93 Pt “B” 49 half feet X 132 feet Haynes Add 606 W Arch St 381300153 38-07-20-103-022.000-034 $25,576.75 Gupta Vinod C S Pt G and E/2 SE/4 Pt H Ol 7 Block 1 West Add #10-12 Van Alley 510 W High St 381300155 38-07-20-104-064.000-034 $2,052.98 Hunts Incorporated S Pt (21 feet X 132 feet) Lot 5 and 6 Block 9 Op 208 N Meridian St 381300157 38-07-20-204-035.000-034 $3,184.71 Schisler John D and Linnie B Lot 53 Woodlawn Park Add 912 W High 381300158 38-07-20-204-066.000-034 $1,006.26 Priest Jason W Lots 23-24 Woodlawn Park Add 928 W Walnut St 381300162 38-07-20-404-001.000-034 $22,894.94 Venture Holdings Corporation “V” Pt E half SE quarter and Pt E half SE quarters 20 T23 R14 4.33a Vac Land Running Along The Side W Of 510 S Bridge 381300163 38-07-20-404-025.000-034 $250,746.32 Venture Holdings Corporation Pt Vac Alley Lot 138-150,158-163 South Portland Add 510 S Bridge St 381300165 38-07-21-102-020.000-034 $1,135.86 Burgess Mathew D and Candice Lots 17 - 18 Jaquas 2nd Add 902 E North St 381300166 38-07-21-102-021.000-034 $9,215.74 Perry Danny Lot 16 Jaquas 2nd Add 910 E North St 381300170 38-07-21-202-037.000-034 $489.39 Grapner Ralph L and Rosemarie C 38 Of N Side Lot 88 Votaws 1st Add Vacant Lot Just South Of 123 Depot St 381300171 38-07-21-202-039.000-034 $318.75 Grapner Ralph L and Rosemarie C N 17 feet Of Lot 87 S 2 feet Of Lot 88 Votaws 1st Add Vacant Lot Just South Of 123 Depot St 381300172 38-07-21-202-040.000-034 $2,271.30 Grapner Ralph and Rosemarie C Lot 86 and S 23 Of Lot 87 Votaws 1st Add 102 E North St 381300173 38-07-21-202-042.000-034 $6,757.89 Grapner Rosemarie C and Ralph L Lot 10 Votaws 1st Add 525 N Meridian St 381300174 38-07-21-202-061.000-034 $1,656.85 Grapner Ralph L and Rosemarie C Lot 9 Votaws 1st Add 515 N Meridian St 381300175 38-07-21-202-103.000-034 $1,618.99 Brewster Gary and George W half Lot 24 Votaw 1st Add Jt With Rts Of Surv 126 E Arch St 381300178 38-07-21-204-081.000-034 $3,403.08 Taylor Rick D Pt E half NW quarter Pt “C” S21 T23 R14 122 N Munson Ave 381300180 38-07-21-302-015.000-034 $1,224.84 Ruiz Jose Dejesus and Sanjuana Lot 4 Jjm Lafollette Add On Contract To Juan Perez Doc # 0800210 315 E Water St 381300181 38-07-21-303-023.002-034 $484.84 Sell Sylvester Pt Lot 263 Flemings 1st Add 516 S Wayne St 381300182 38-07-21-303-033.000-034 $8,895.01 Brewster James Ol 1 Flemings 1st Add 518 S Wayne St 381300183 38-07-28-202-004.000-034 $1,138.03 Romack Mary Schwartzkopf Terry and Christine L Jt With Rig Pt Lot 1 60 feet X 145 feet Jackson and Reeds South Side Add 121 E Seventh St 381300185 38-07-29-201-007.000-034 $4,324.12 Boxell Gerald W Ttee Gerald W Boxell Revocable Trust Pt NW quarter 143.4 feet E X 135 feet S X 248.4 feetW X 171.5 feet N Lot 15 Blaine Pike Add Rev Trust 102 Green Park Dr 381300186 38-07-29-201-012.000-034 $765.54 Boxell Jerry W and Mary D Lot 25 Blaine Pike Add 105 Green Park Dr 381300188 38-07-29-201-024.033-034 $1,774.87 Miller Timothy E and Janelle L Lot 33 Beam Place South .18a and Pt Nhalf NW quarter (Former Part Of Subdivision Driveway) S29 T23 R14 104 Honeysuckle Ln 381300189 38-07-29-203-003.015-034 $1,268.20 Johnson Carmen D Pt S half NW quarter S29 T 23 R14 Vacant Triangle Of Land Next To 101 Dogwood Ln Total Properties: 111 I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true list of lots and land returned delinquent for the nonpayment of taxes and special assessments for the time periods set forth, also subsequent delinquent taxes, current taxes and costs due thereon and the same are chargeable with the amount of tax, etc., with which they are charges on said list. Given under my hand and seal this 4th day of September, 2013. Nancy J. Culy, Auditor, Jay County Indiana.