Public Notice Public Notice Legal Notice Office of Jay County Drainage Board Notice of Hearing Regarding Combining Salamonia River Watershed Notice is hereby given by the Jay County Drainage Board that a hearing will be held to combine the George Simpson into the Salamonia River Watershed on July 28, 2014 at 9:45 am in the Commissioners Room, Jay County Courthouse, Portland, Indiana, at which time the following will be considered: 1. Combine for purpose of maintenance into the Salamonia River Watershed all legal drains (both open and tile) of the above watershed. 2. All funds in the above watershed will be combined into the Salamonia River Watershed monies to create one fund from which work will be performed. 3. The assessment rate of the above watershed will be adjusted to the Plot ($12.50) and Acre ($1.00) rate of the Salamonia River Watershed. 4. That the maintenance report of the Jay County Surveyor and the schedule of assessments made by said Board relating to the above mentioned drain have been filed and are available in the office of the Jay County Surveyor. Jay County Drainage Board Millo M. Miller Jr. Faron Parr Jim Zimmerman CR/NS 7-16-2014 -HSPAXLP