Public Notice Jay County Zoning Administration Legal Notice Notice is hereby given that: Joe Grube/Grube's Pig Farm, 518 St Joe Road, Ft Recovery, OH 45846, has filed on February 24, 2014 for an Intent to Build/Confined Feeding Permit, # CFINT2014-02-24, to construct one (1) additional 2,000 head nursery pig confined feeding building on said property. Parcel ID: 38-08-14-200-002.001-028 Location: 8310 E 50 N, Portland IN, Noble Township, Section 14 The petition and file on this matter are available for public inspection in the Jay/Portland Building Department, 118 South Meridian Street / Suite E, Portland, Indiana. Jay/Portland Building & Planning Department By: William D. Milligan, Administrator/Director Date: 2/24/14 CR 3-4 -2014-HSPAXLP