Public Notice Jay County Zoning Administration Legal Notice Notice is hereby given that: Kerry and Adam Muhlenkamp, Muhlenkamp Swine LLC, 43 State Route 219, Ft Recovery, OH 45846, being owner's of said property, have filed on June 20, 2013, for an Intent to Build / Confined Feeding Permit, #CFlNT2013-06-20, to construct two (2) 4,400 head each swine confined feeding buildings on said property. Parcel ID: 38-02-36-100-005.000-023 Location: 617 W 400 N, Portland, lN, Jackson Township, Section 36 The petition and file on this matter are available for public inspection in the Jay/Portland Building Department, 118 South Meridian Street / Suite E, Portland, Indiana. Jay/Portland Building and Planning Department By:William D. Milligan, Administrator/Director Date: 6-20,2013 CR 6-27-2013 - HSPAXLP