Public Notice Notice to Taxpayers of an Additional Appropriation Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of the Jay School Corporation ("School Corporation") that the Board of School Trustees will meet at the offices of the Jay School Corporation, 1976 W. Tyson Road, Portland, IN at 6:00 pm local time on October 21, 2013, to consider the following additional appropriation in excess of the budget for the current year. Amount Rainy Day Fund # 0610 $25,000 General Fund # 0100 $ 900,000 The foregoing appropriations are in addition to all appropriations provided for in the existing budget and tax levy. Cash balances are available for these additional appropriation requests. Taxpayers of the School Corporation appearing at said meeting shall have the right to be heard in respect to said additional appropriation. The additional appropriation, as finally made, will be reported to the Department of Local Government Finance, in accordance with IC 6-1.1-18-5. Dated: September 16, 2013 Board of School Trustees The Jay School Corporation Larry Paxson, Secretary CR/NS 9-25, 2013 - HSPAXLP