Public Notice Summons - Service By Publication State of Indiana County of Jay, SS: Jay County Superior Court Case No.: 38D01-1311-MF-50 Home Opportunity, LLC Plaintiff vs. James Clayton Phillips; Ernst Enterprises, Inc.; U.S. Bank. National Association, as Trustee; Household Finance Corporation III f/k/a Household Financial Services; LVNV Funding, LLC; and CitiMortgage, Inc. Defendants Notice of Suit To the defendants named below herein, and any other person who may be concerned. You are notified that you have been sued in the Court named above. The nature of the suit is the foreclosure of a mortgage upon the property located in Jay County at 33 North Sycamore St., Redkey, IN, 47373, legally described as: Lot 20 in Spahr's Second Addition to the Town of Redkey, Indiana, also, commencing at the southwest corner of lot 1 in Rees and Daniels Addition to the Town of Redkey, Indiana, running thence south 77.5 feet, thence east 129.5 feet to the west line of Lot 20 in Spahr's Second Addition to the Town of Redkey, Indiana, thence north 77.5 feet, thence west 129.5 feet to the place of beginning and being a part of the southeast quarter of section 14, township 22 north, range 12 east, Jay County, Indiana. (Hereafter "real estate"). This summons by publication is specifically directed to the following defendants who may claim some interest in the Real Estate and whose whereabouts are not known with certainty: You must respond to this summons by publication, by you or your attorney, on or before thirty (30) days after the Third Notice of Suit has been published. If you fail to do so, a default judgment may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. You may be entitled to a settlement conference that will allow you to speak with your mortgage company and discuss alternatives to foreclosure. If you want a settlement conference, you must request it with the court within 30 days after you received this summons. Attest: Clerk of the Jay County Superior Court Brian Tekulve, Attorney for Plaintiff Nelson & Frankenberger 3105 E. 98th St., Suite 170 Indianapolis, IN 46280 (317)844-0106 Attorney Number 30882:-49 CR 2-22,3-1,8-2014-HSPAXLP