Public Notice Jay County Sheriff's Office To the owners of the within described real estate and all interested parties Notice of Sheriff's Sale Sheriffs File Number: Date of Sale: December 13, 2012 at 10:00 AM Sale Location: 3rd floor, Courthouse, Portland, IN 47371 Publisher's Name/County: The Commercial Review - Jay County Judgment to be Satisfied: $88,830.34 By virtue of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of Superior Court of Jay County, Indiana, in Cause No. 38C01-1110-MF-00070 Plaintiff: Bank of America, N.A., as successor by merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP Defendant: Dawn M. Stephen, et al. Required me to make the sum as provided for in said Decree with interest and cost, I will expose at public sale to the highest bidder, at the hour of 10:00 am of said day as listed above, at, fee simple of the whole body of Real Estate in Jay County, Indiana: Legal Description A part of Out Lot four (4) in Wood Lawn Park Addition to the city of Portland, Indiana, described as follows: Commencing at a point 239 feet south of the northwest corner of out lot 4, thence south 71 3/4 feet; thence east 145 feet; thence north 71 3/4 feet; thence west 145 feet to the place of beginning. Subject to all liens, encumbrances, and easements of record. Parcel No. 38-07-20-203-023.000-034 Commonly Known as: 245 North Charles Street, Portland, IN 47371 Together with rents, issues, income and profits thereof, said sale will be made without relief from -valuation or appraisement laws. This Notice shall also represent service of Notice of Sale of the above-described real estate upon the owners, pursuant to requirements of IC 32-29-7-3 Larry R. Newton, Jr. Sheriff of Jay County Bradley C. Crosley (28224-29) April N. Pinder (29045-49) Attorney Reisenfcld & Associates, LPA LLC Attorney's Law Firm (513) 322-7000 The Sheriff’s Department does not warrant the accuracy of the street address published herein. CR 11-2,9,16-2012