Public Notice Ordinance 2013 An amendment to Ordinance 2012 relating to the garbage collection procedures and requirements and fees for garbage collection for the town of Pennville The town of Pennville does hereby amend the ordinance 2012, 2006-02, 2007-4 & 2009-0 having duly published notice and does amend as follows: Section 4 paragraph (a) establishment of user fees as follows: (A) User Fees There is hereby imposed a fee of Eleven Dollars ( $11.00 ) per month upon each residential unit contained in a structure. (B) Fee Established The fee established herein shall be imposed on and be the obligation of the user of the Town of Pennville Water and Sewage Utilities and shall be payable as are bills for water and sewage services rendered. Said user fee or service change shall be due and payable along with the monthly water and sewage bill as levied by the Town of Pennville and shall be subject to the late charges and collection procedures as contained in I.C. 36-9-30-1 et.seq. In all other respects said ordinance shall remain in full force and effect. Cost increase will go into effect the 5th day of February, 2013. Passed and adopted by the Town Council for The Town of Pennville on this 5th day of February, 2013. Rodne Penrod Town Council President Patricia Frazee Town Council Member Millie A. Ellis Town Council Member Attest Krista M Scholer Clerk-Treasurer The Town of Pennville CR 2-20, 2013