Public Notice CSO Notification Rule 327 IAC 5-2.1 The Town of Redkey has a combined sewer system. Storm water and sanitary waste are transported to the wastewater treatment plant in the same sewers. During wet weather events, rainfall or snow melt, the sewers may become hydraulically overloaded to the point that some storm and wastewater goes to the receiving stream, Redkey Run or Halfway Creek, without being treated through the plant. When this occurs there is a potential for persons coming in contact with the creek water to become ill. The Town will provide Public Notification when an overflow event occurs to prevent persons from making contact with the water. Notices are posted at the CSO sites that read as follows: Caution Sewage Pollution Sewage may be in this water during and for several days after periods of rainfall or snowmelt. People who swim in, wade in, or ingest this water may get sick. For more information, please call the Redkey Wastewater Treatment Plant at 765-369-2711. Jerry Scott Wastewater Plant Operator Kyle Champ Town Council President Dated this 11th day of March, 2013. CR 3-13, 2013 NS 3-20, 2013