Best of show: Katie Link
Reserve best of show: Dylan Sutter
Grand champion meat pen: Katie Link
Reserve champion meat pen: Dylan Sutter
Grand champion turkey: Ethan Bruggeman
Reserve champion turkey: Travis Osterholt
Champion large fowl: Braden Muhlenkamp
Reserve champion large fowl: Katie Link
Champion bantam: Dylan Sutter
Reserve champion bantam: Morgan Link
Champion broiler: Katie Link
Reserve champion broiler: Dylan Sutter
Champion roaster: Michael Denney
Reserve champion roaster: Lauren Evans
Champion Pigeon: Zac Brotherton
Reserve champion pigeon: Kaley Muhlenkamp
Champion brooding and raising pullets: Preston Twigg
Reserve champion brooding pullets: Julie Massey
Champion family table flock: Issac Collins
Reserve champion family table flock: Danielle Heitkamp
Champion production of market eggs: Preston Twigg
Reserve champion production of market eggs: Sam Brelsford
Champion A.O.V.: Ben Hemmelgarn
Large fowl
Champion cock: Shannon Manor
Reserve champion cock: Isaac Collins
Champion hen: Katie Link
Reserve champion hen: Morgan Link
Champion cockerel: Braden Muhlenkamp
Reserve champion cockerel: Morgan Link
Champion pullet: Katie Link
Reserve champion pullet: Jessie Byers
Champion cock: Dylan Sutter
Reserve champion cock: Katie Link
Champion hen: Morgan Link
Reserve champion hen: Michael Denney
Champion cockerel: Morgan Link
Reserve champion cockerel: Zoe Brotherton
Champion pullet: Danielle Heitkamp
Reserve champion pullet: Katie Link
Senior champion: Katie Link
Reserve champion: Matt Blackford
Junior champion: Preston Twigg
Reserve champion: Brady Vore
Champion: Michael Denney
Reserve champion: Andrew Toney