We need more superheroes like Wonder Woman for young women to look up to.

In a society in which males have been the dominant holder of power across many fields of life for centuries, young women deserve to have strong female role models. DC’s “Wonder Woman,” released earlier last week, is one example and step towards showing girls that they can be powerful too.

Throughout cinematic history, nearly all the major action-adventure characters shown in movies based on comics are male, like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. There have been instances when Hollywood will feature some female characters like the Black Widow in “The Avengers,” but they don’t get much screen time and justice compared to their male costars. Many females superheroes have been reduced to clichés or sex objects, with little efforts to humanize them.

But “Wonder Woman” is different.

“Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins, stars Gal Gadot as Princess Diana, who is raised by Amazon women on a remote island and trained as a warrior. The unconquerable warrior discovers a massive conflict in the outside world, World War I, and decides to leave her home to help fight the threat. While fighting in the war alongside a male pilot, Diana discovers her true powers and destiny as Wonder Woman.

In this film, the princess isn’t portrayed as the damsel in distress or the side kick.  She is not weak and dependent. The gender roles are reversed. She is the strong, confident one who kicks butt. She shows young women that they can be successful and capable of taking care of themselves.

You don’t need to collect comic books or be a master of cinema studies to recognize the cultural significance of a female superhero.

Since its opening weekend, parents have been sharing photos of their daughters dressed up as the character with smiles and looks of empowerment.

Having a female superhero in the lead role shows young women they can be independent. They don’t need a man to come save them and care for them. They are strong on their own.

Movies like “Wonder Woman” inspire and give young women the confidence to take on male-dominated fields such as politics, corporate leadership and STEM professions. Women are capable of great things and being their own role models.

“Wonder Women” should be just the beginning. It’s time to show the world more female superheroes and what girl power is all about.