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Friday, June 25, 2021
  • If you get the idea that I am beyond frustrated that a hunk of plastic makes me feel like I am the dumbest and most inept person on the planet, you are right. It also makes me feel older than dirt.
  • My daughter, Beth, is having a birthday next week.
  • It was a perfect sunny Sunday. We got together with my two brothers and their wives. The last time we all got together was on Christmas. The older we get, the faster time goes.
  • The bumble bee buzz of cars going around and around in a circle is the background noise of a Sunday.
  • A few summers ago I was working outside in the flower beds. A young boy stopped to chat. He told me that he remembered our house because it had a red picnic table. I told him we had never had a picnic table, let alone a red one. 
  • I think our house is out to get me. I am used to it causing me to bump my head on the kitchen cabinets even with the doors closed.
  • It is pouring down rain as I write this. We are anxiously watching the puddles in the backyard, trying to decide if we should get the ark out of storage or not.
  • Mother’s Day is fast approaching. It has been five years since I have had to buy a Mother’s Day present.

  • My little brother, David, has a birthday coming up.
  • Last week I was lying in bed trying to decide if I wanted to get up or go back to sleep.
  • We had a bit of a scare this past weekend. My sister-in-law, Diane, called and said Michael was in the hospital. Michael is her husband and the older of my two brothers.
  • Only one more day until our 42nd anniversary.
  • It is almost Easter. I have already bitten the ears off a hollow chocolate bunny. The rest of the rabbit didn’t last long.
  • Sometimes all a person needs is to watch a video of a dinosaur on a skateboard speeding down the middle of a dead end street. It puts everything into perspective.
  • It’s almost St. Patrick's Day. When I was in grade school St. Patrick's Day meant two things. We would color shamrocks and if someone wasn’t wearing green they would get pinched repeatedly. I don’t remember anything else about it.
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