We almost killed somebody last week.

We were on the way home from somewhere. We turned onto our street. The car in front of us passed a golf cart full of people. The cart was hugging the curb. We started to pull out to pass them when the cart abruptly made a left turn right in front of us. We slammed on the brakes. From where I was sitting it looked like we missed the cart by inches. We beeped at them for good measure.

They stopped their cart perpendicular to the flow of traffic. The driver shrugged his shoulders as if to ask why we beeped at them. They had no idea that they had done anything wrong. If our brakes had failed they would have been seriously injured.

I realize that this time of year more people are out and about. With the prices of gas continuing to soar, the carts are an economical way to get around. If you choose to drive or ride in one of the carts please, please do not turn in front of a car. If at all possible, use hand signals to indicate which way you are going. Be aware of your surroundings. Cars cannot stop as quickly as you might think.

This time of year there are plenty of people out and about. Walkers and runners often run in the street because the condition of the sidewalks can be dangerous. A long time ago I tripped on an uneven sidewalk. I laid on the sidewalk long enough to figure out that my pride was the only thing that hurt. I gingerly got up and hobbled the half block home.

Once again, I wondered why the only sidewalks that get repaired are the ones that don’t need it.

In addition to walkers and runners, there are other hazards on the streets. Bicycles are also prone to turning in unexpected directions. Plus we have buggies to watch out for. The horses pulling the buggies do their best to protect their humans but they can’t always manage to do that.

We also need to be aware that there are many people who come to town for special events such as the Tri-State Antique Gas Engine and Tractor show. These people often ask directions. Most of the time the answer they get is “turn right just past that tree that blew down last year, go down to the blue house, do not go over the bridge. I repeat, do not go over the bridge. If you do go over the bridge, call me and I’ll come get you.” Those kinds of directions used to bother me. These days I am the one giving that kind of advice.

All I am asking is that you all be careful. If you are traveling in town, please be aware that you are not the only one on the street.

Oh, and if you want directions, you might want to check your phone.