We attended a free concert this past weekend. It didn’t matter that we had never heard of the performers. The important part was that it was free. It was also relatively close.

The audience had been told to bring lawn chairs. They could set up anywhere on the grass. It always amazes me that the chairs end up in raggedy rows. The rows were a bit farther apart than they were last year but, for the most part, people didn’t maintain social distancing.

The opening band was introduced. Most of the band members were local. They gave it their best for almost an hour. If they had been judged on enthusiasm alone they would have been the best band ever. The bass was a little loud for my taste but not to the point of being painful.

For some reason the first performance was accompanied by what I assume was a whole flock of dragonflies. Do dragonflies travel in flocks? Whatever the name is, there were a lot of them. They flew all around the audience, sometimes close enough to touch them. I also didn’t see anyone swat at them. It seemed like most people merely ducked out of their way.

By the time the feature entertainer came on most of the dragonflies had disappeared. It was one of the oddest things I had ever seen.

As the band played on, I engaged in a bit of people-watching. I would venture a guess that at least half of the audience was what I call old hippies. Men had scraggly ponytails and bald spots. Women had flowing dresses or jeans. They also had longer hair than expected so that from the back they looked very young. It was only when they turned around that their real age became apparent.

Shortly before the first act had begun a lady and what I assume was her daughter set up camp beside us. The older of the two had brought a chair and a book while the girl had a blanket and a book. The girl appeared to be in her teens.

Both of them read as the band played. The trouble began when the sun went down and the temperature dropped. The girl was wearing a pair of shorts and a small top. She had long blonde hair and she was such a pretty girl. She tried to cover up with her blanket. It didn’t work. She wrapped the blanket around her shoulders but that left her legs and feet uncovered. She tried to huddle under it like some kind of weird turtle. That didn’t work either.

They finally packed up and left. I hope she thawed out on the way home.

The band played on. At some point they asked the audience to come close to the stage and dance to the music. Women, children and a couple of men responded. From where we seated the dancers looked like shadow figures.

There was one song that neither of us had ever heard before. It was a song about losing the songwriter’s glasses. We both lose our reading glasses multiple times during the day. There is a living room pair, a kitchen pair, a car pair and so on. We knew exactly what he was singing about.

It was getting darker and people had begun to leave. The band played their final songs and the rest of us headed for our cars. By the time we got home it was after our bedtime. We may not have recognized many of the songs but that didn’t matter. It was a lovely evening and we promised ourselves that we would do it again soon.