It was a good weekend. The flower beds are in their full glory. There was just enough rain that I didn’t feel the temptation to weed.

I didn’t realize that I had planted so many bulbs. The daffodils are still going strong. The tulips are beginning to take over. In a few days the lilacs will perfume the air. For the next month or so the flowers will do what they are programmed to do. It makes me happy to see them.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything for my youngest brother, David’s birthday. We had agreed to skip presents and I figured he wanted to celebrate his 54th birthday quietly.

In the middle of Sunday afternoon our brother, Michael, called and asked if we wanted to meet everybody for supper in Richmond. I said OK.

There was a new restaurant David wanted to try. The place offered Indian food. I had never tasted that type of food before. Many years ago my husband had worked with a couple of men who were from India. He said that the food they brought from home was way too hot for him.

We met at the agreed-upon restaurant. The place was almost empty. We placed our orders and passed around a bowl of something green that had been breaded and fried. I have no idea what it was but it tasted good.

I played it safe and got whatever David did. My husband was grateful that the food he ordered was nothing like what he had had years ago. I was surprised that the meal was served in such a way that encouraged sharing.

There were several conversations going on at any given time. They asked about the local newspaper. They had heard that Jack Ronald had passed away. Michael had heard the announcement on the radio. We talked about what a positive effect he had made to his community.

We talked about our kids and their lives. We talked about my grandchildren. We talked about Michael getting a raise because all the rest of his co-workers had walked out and he was the only mechanic left. We talked about any number of things. David and Michael discussed the upcoming swap meets in Greenville and some other places that I can’t remember. They asked if we wanted to come along. At first I said yes, then I thought about walking around all day looking at junk — I mean treasures. I amended my answer. Instead of a definite yes, I told them that we would give them a shaky maybe.

When we finally ran out of things to say, we packed up the leftovers and headed home. Traffic was light, and it was a quiet ride home.

It was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Now it is back to the usual routine. There are always too many things to do and not enough energy to do it.

Grandson Nicholas has a birthday coming up. I took the easy way out and ordered his gift online. It should be delivered to his house a day or two before his actual birthday. I’d rather spend the day with him but they live too far away.

From flowers to birthdays, our lives unfold. Sometimes things surpass our expectations. Other times, not so much. As I write this the sun is shining, and it promises to be a good week. I hope your days are sunny and bright.