Have I told you how much I like rain? All that water washing the grime out of the air is to be appreciated. The world smells so much better during and after a good rain.

This is not to say that Mother Nature never overdoes the waterworks. Every year the news tells of floods somewhere in the world. They can and do destroy lives and possessions.

Those stories are usually balanced by the stories of droughts and the resulting tragedies they cause. The rain that is falling on my new flowers is calm and gentle. In the words of Goldilocks, it is “just right.”

I find it interesting that many origin stories contain references to a great flood or to the world being under water at some point, but I’m not going into that now. It is just something to think about.

I have a friend who was cleaning out her flowerbeds recently. She gave me a sack full of black-eyed susans. I planted the flowers in the front flower beds on top of the daffodils.

The new plants took one look around and instantly wilted. After they were safely in their new home I doused them with some water mixed with a bit of rooting hormone followed by plain water.

That evening and for most of the next couple days Mother Nature blessed us with a light rain. It was exactly what the plants needed. They are beginning to perk up.

The garden is also perking up. The first pickings of green beans are bubbling away on the stove. Green beans are a symbol of affection in my house. I can't stand them. They stink. They taste awful. Their texture is also unappealing. They’re green. The only way I will voluntarily eat them is in vegetable soup. I count on the other ingredients to help make the nasty green things edible.

The rest of my family loves green beans. They are more than welcome to them. So far the beans have managed to avoid bugs and deer along with whatever critter decides to polish them off before I can get to them.

The rain also gets us a reprieve from mowing the grass. I got most of the trimming done before the rain started. The actual mowing will have to wait until things dry out. The last forecast I read called for thunderstorms. So far there have only been a few rumblings.

One of the other things I love about rain is that I don’t have to go out in it. I have never understood why walking in the rain is supposed to be romantic.

It is far more romantic to be watching the rain through a window than to be out in it. I much prefer listening to the raindrops pitter pattering on a metal roof while I read a good book.

Rain has many faces. It can be destructive or gentle. It can destroy or give life. The best rain is accompanied by a good book, a warm pet and a cup of hot tea or cocoa. I love rain.