It won’t be long before the garage sales burst into bloom all around the town.

We went to a free concert this past weekend. The featured singers were from Canada. At one point the lead singer was talking to the audience while the other performer fixed a broken string on his guitar.

She said that in one town in Canada a day is set aside for everybody to set out their unwanted stuff for anyone to have. It sounded like what happens on college campuses at the end of a semester. Anyway, the singers saw a box full of old trophies. They grabbed the box and passed them out after their shows until they ran out of trophies. She said they gave preference to old hippies. They had already run out before last week’s show. Instead of a trophy she offered up a bell to the one guy who had been yelling at them throughout the show. He was mostly telling them that he loved them. When asked his name he said, “Yes!”

Unfortunately Yes had either left early or suffered a bout of shyness as he wouldn’t collect his prize. I imagine he had a bad headache the next morning.

Around here we also set out our unwanted stuff. The difference is that we put prices on our offerings. Most people know that the prices are merely suggestions and instead are starting prices for those who want to haggle.

I rarely have things to sell. Most of the time I don’t think it is worth the hassle to drag everything out of the house, set it up, watch most of the people drive by without stopping, then haul the leftovers back to the house.

The other thing the singer mentioned was that every time they do a show in America there is a mass shooting, except for this time. Even though she didn’t dwell on it, the statement broke my heart.

This is what we have come to. Other countries identify us by how many people get shot for no reason.

We keep telling ourselves that this is the greatest country on earth. We believe this in our very heart of hearts. We are told over and over that we are the best. We watch middle-aged people patiently pushing a wheelchair for one parent or another. We point to them as being one of those who tend to others, proof of our greatness.

We tell ourselves that our beautiful country is the best in the world but it would be even better if the elected officials in office belonged to the party we approve of. We tell each other that this would be an even better country if every person was issued a gun at birth.

And yet, there was this guy listening to a girl singing songs on a recent summer evening. He shouted. “I love you” several times. Thank goodness he didn’t do anything else.

There are so many little things that point to people being kind to one another. The media is full of stories about people saving kittens, puppies and such. Feel-good stories attempt to balance the ugliness that is featured on other pages. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

It was just a remark from a singer trying to kill some time while her partner fixed his guitar.

I have no answers. All I can do is to try to get you to realize that if we don’t want a singer to remember our country as the one where people get shot then it is up to us to change it.

Oh, and if your name happens to be “Yes,” there is a bell waiting for you to pick up.