I sure hope the weatherman is right about the upcoming temperatures this week.

It is supposed to be warm enough to start dragging the indoor forest back outside. I have to be careful as Mother Nature may not be done with winter yet. It is too early to leave most house plants outdoors overnight. A couple of them have already had day trips to the porch. A mini-vacation for them results in leaves that are darker green and healthier than those destined to stay inside until after Mother’s Day.

I do need to plant the hyacinths and paperwhite narcissus I got for Christmas. They are finished blooming and need a permanent home. They were forced into early bloom. For some reason the paperwhites didn’t do well this year. I am hoping that they will be better once they are out of the house.

Just like most of us can’t wait for any reason to open the doors and windows in order to air out the house, the plants are looking forward to feeling soft breezes on their leaves. They also appreciate a good drink of rain water. I try to allow tap water to sit long enough for most, if not all, of the chlorine to evaporate but it isn’t the same as water straight from the clouds.

Sunshine and warmer weather almost demand that we abandon indoor projects. I really should use the colder months for planning a new layout for the garden and flower beds, but that would be too easy.

As usual we have lots of indoor projects underway. The most pressing of those are upstairs. The upstairs lighting leaves a lot to be desired. Cold and gloomy winter weather makes it challenging to see what we are doing. Using assorted battery powered lights helps somewhat but they seem to be determined to blind us no matter where I put them.

Every year it seems like there are more and more projects that should be taken care of. Many of them are simple day-to-day home maintenance chores. We have good intentions but inertia inevitably kicks in and pins us to our seats. Then a wind comes by and adds to our honey-do list. That list is even longer than a CVS receipt and gets longer every year.

In reality, the honey-do list is one we create for ourselves. There is no law that says we must have house plants that need to be taken outside every spring and brought back inside in autumn. It is not mandatory that we do any of the chores on our lists.

The warmth and sunshine that is predicted for the next few days will give us an excuse to go outside and mess around. It won’t be long before the lawn mower will harmonize with all the loud cars that pass by.

I really do hope that the weather is as nice as the current predictions suggest it will be. In addition to a long honey-do list, there are chocolate bunnies to eat, ears first, of course. Bunnies and other Easter shaped candies are perfect for providing the energy to cut our to-do lists into a manageable size.