One of our maple trees lost a branch this weekend.

The stormy weather these last few days decided that the tree needed to be pruned. It was a fairly big branch, and I am glad it didn’t do any damage. There were lots of small twigs and other debris that ended up on the ground. When I ventured outside I could hear chainsaws indicating that we weren’t the only ones whose trees got a good trimming thanks to Mother Nature.

We had been watching the wind blow the treetops this way and that most of the morning. If we looked north we could see a big black cloud trying to decide how much damage it was going to do.

The trees were preparing themselves for the battle. I am always amazed at how flexible the leafy treetops are while the trunks stay firmly in the ground.

After the worst of the winds died down I went outside to check for damages. The wind promptly let me know that it didn’t want me outside and tried to blow me back to the safety of the porch. I decided that it was prudent to wait until at least tomorrow to pick up the debris.

While I am dealing with fallen branches, the Texas gang is broiling in a heatwave. The last pictures I saw of them, they were at a water park enjoying a respite from the heat.

The weather seems so much more intense than it did when I was growing up. We had thunderstorms and lightning, heat and cold. We had spring rains that filled the low lying field that separated us from the neighbors. We had enough snow in the winter to build tunnels and snow forts.

What we didn’t have were all the warnings. The only weather warnings were the ones that told us that school was closed for the day. Other than that, we didn’t worry about it. Chores had to be done, even if it was pouring down rain.

If we wanted to know if it was going to rain or not all we had to do was to wait and see what would happen. We could smell and feel the change in the air before the first raindrops fell. That was as accurate as any forecast today.

Now we have turned into a bunch of chickens who cry, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.” Do we really need to be told to beware at the least sign of bad weather? Why can’t a storm just be a storm and not the end of the world?

My mom was ahead of her time. If there was a cloud in the sky she would tell me not to visit that day. Most of the time she was wrong, as the day would turn out to be sunny and warm. She was right sometimes, and I had to turn back because the weather lived up to her fears.

These days climate change gets the blame for weather extremes. We are told that we are the ones who are the cause for the increase in destructive weather.

There is no doubt in my mind that humanity has an effect on the weather. I also believe that it is not that simple.

No matter what I do or do not believe, there are limbs to clean up and they aren't going to do it themselves.