John F. Beeson, 49, Redkey, and April R. Smetzer, 42, Redkey

Spencer L. Reinhart, 23, Bryant, and Ashley R. Braun, 22, Portland

Taylor M.M. Baker, 20, Dunkirk, and Jonathon R. Green, 20, Fort Recovery, Ohio

Ross A. Homan, 23, Fort Recovery, and Deanna S. Chenoweth, 22, Portland

Lukas A. Darby, 32, Portland, and Sara E. Hough, 35, Portland

Vince A. Kline Jr., 30, Portland, and Ciara D. Stone, 28, Portland

Nicole M. Robinette, 29, Bryant, and Brian R. Welling, 28, Bryant

Terence L. Corwin, 35, Portland, and Ashley R. Eichenauer-Kahlig, 35, Fort Recovery, Ohio

Brandie L. Curtis, 41, Dunkirk, and Brian W. Lessing, 28, Dunkirk

Lindsay K. Bishop, 25, Portland, and Justin K. Ellis, 30, Portland

Bernice E.N. Carmona, 39, Portland, and Armando M. Rodriguez, 43, Portland

Dean L. Burgess, 32, Portland, and Sondra J. Jordan, 46, Portland

Tanner D.N. Hammaker, 27, Vandalia, Ohio, and Kristen N. Ireland, 24, Vandalia, Ohio

Thomas L. Noble, 23, Portland, and Sydney M. Robbins, 23, Bryant

Dustin M. Cline, 31, Redkey, and Tiffany L. Davis, 30, Redkey