Latisha M. Hummer, 27, Portland, and Michael D. McAbee, 34, Portland

Stormie L. Adney, 24, Dunkirk, and Breea C. Holdcroft, 25, Dunkirk

Isaac L. Haffner, 19, Redkey, and Ivy R. Teegarden, 18, Portland

Ashlee C. Brumbaugh, 22, Portland, and Brant A.T. Mechling, 25, Montpelier

Camron L.M. Limbert, 19, Geneva, and Emili A. Smith, 22, Portland

Heather M. Clemmons, 50, Dunkirk, and Scott M. Grayson, 48, Dunkirk

John K. Bost, 60, Pennville, and Diane L. Simmons, 64, Portland

Rebecca R. Bradburn, 52, Portland, and John L. Wysong, 48, Portland