Kayli N. Martin, 28, Pennville, and Nicholos D. Richardson, 25, Pennville

Camdin A.B. Harrison, 19, Redkey, and Faith K. Pence, 29, Bluffton

Deborah L. Hundley, 57, Pennville, and Gary D. Study, 52, Pennville

Whitney E. Lowe, 22, Dunkirk, and Case William N.J. Retter, 25, Portland

Simon M. Kuss, 46, Portland, and Wendy A. Schweizer, 32, Portland

Dean A. Burns, 51, Portland, and Betzy S. Keihn, 33, Portland

Mary E. Morgan, 60, Portland, and Sammy A. Tilley Sr., 61, Portland

Nicole D. Lawhead, 39, Portland, and Daniel H. Stover, 37, Portland

Carson W. Hartzell, 21, Portland, and Sarah E. Walter, 21, Portland

Robert D. Hopkins, 50, Portland, and Theresa L. Theurer, 48, Portland

Nicholas E. Lairson, 23, Redkey, and Devin L. Foltz, 22, Redkey

Preston L. Bemis, 24, Portland, and Lindsey M. Grube, 28, Portland

Beth A. Rinker, 48, Portland, and Ryan D. Rockwell, 43, Portland

Thalia B. Fugate, 23, Portland, and Andrew D. Robertson, 24, Eaton

Alyssa L. Myers, 21, Dunkirk, and Justin T. Wagner, 25, Selma

Kayla A. Dirksen, 22, Bryant, and Henry D. Hemmelgarn, 21, Portland