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Saturday, September 21, 2019
This is the form for those wishing to share the details of their wedding FOLLOWING the ceremony. (If you are looking to announced an upcoming wedding, you must fill out the "Engagement" form.) You must turn in the form to The Commercial Review within three months of your wedding date.
Bride's parents
Address of bride's parents
Groom's parents
Address of groom's parents
Date of wedding
Location of ceremony
Who performed the ceremony?
Who performed the music?
Description of bride's ensemble (dress, etc.)
Description of bouquet
Who gave the bride away? (relationship)
Maid of honor (relationship and city of residence)
Description of maid of honor and bridesmaids gowns
Bridesmaids (names and cities of residence)
Flower girl (name and city of residence)
Ring bearer (name and city of residence)
Best man (name and city of residence)
Groomsmen (names and cities of residence)
Location of reception
Where was the honeymoon?
Bride's education
Bride's occupation
Groom's education
Groom's occupation
Where will the couple live?
Phone number
If you have fully completed your wedding form, please click "submit wedding form." If you would like to include a wedding photo, please email it to
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