Tommie L. Lawhead to himself and Susan J. Lawhead, quit claim deed — Lot 3, Blaine Pike Addition

John Reynolds to Fifth Third Bank, deed affidavit — Parts of Section 13, Jefferson Township, 5.33 acres

Edna R. and Joe J. Schwartz to David J. Graber, warranty deed — Parts of Section 9, Greene Township, 2.43 acres

Doris and Tom Zimmerman to BEM, warranty deed — Lots 7 and 8 and Part of Lot 6, Block 19, original plat of Portland

Marvin J. and Patricia R. Post to Leon D. and Linda S. Muhlenkamp, warranty deed — Part of Section 19, Wabash Township, 30 acres

Gregory A. Sheffer to Gregory A. Sheffer Revocable Trust, warranty deed — Part of Section 21, Noble Township, Lot 20, Bellfountaine

William L. Horn Revocable Living Trust and Margaret A. Horn Revocable Living Trust to Margaret A. Horn, trustee deed — Section 15, Wabash Township, 32.62 acres

Bonita D. and Robert L. Frazee Jr. to Erika E. and Kyle R. Frazee, warranty deed — Parts of Section 25, Greene Township, 5.586 acres

Freda and Gary Rohrer to Roberta L. Spare, warranty deed — Part of Lot 20, Hawkins Addition

Chris B.H. and Nancy M.B. Schwartz to Esther U.H. and Henry B.H. Schwartz, warranty deed — Part of Section 3, Jackson Township, 15 acres

Tamer Samuel to Ron W. May and George O. Lopez, quit claim deed — Lot 1, Block 16, original plat of Bryant