A candidate who filed to run for the Republican nomination for a Jay County Council seat will not be on the primary ballot.

Jay County Election Board on Monday upheld a challenge from Jay County Republican chair Jenae Blasdel regarding the candidacy of Brenda Beaty.

Beaty had filed to run for the GOP nomination for Jay County Council (District 1).

Blasdel explained to election board members Carmen Craig, Dane Mumbower and Jay County clerk Jon Eads that she filed her challenge based on Indiana election rules. Indiana Code requires that to run in a primary a candidate must either have taken that party’s ballot in each of the last two Indiana primary elections in which they voted or received a signature from the party chair. Beaty did not meet either of those requirements.

Beaty then explained that she had not lived in Ohio for about 25 years before moving back to Jay County about four years ago. She said she was unaware of those requirements and added that she believes candidates should be told about them.

Eads said it is not the clerk’s office’s role to act as “election police” and that it also can’t deny an election form. (Any challenge must come from a resident of the district or the party chair.) Eads also noted that the primary/signature requirement is listed on the election form.

Several others in attendance speaking in support of Beaty said they were also unaware of the rule. They also questioned it, saying it seems to potentially keep interested residents from getting involved.

Craig, Mumbower and Eads voted unanimously to uphold the challenge to Beaty’s candidacy because she had not met the requirements to run.

Beaty’s removal from the ballot leaves current Redkey Town Council member Randy May as the lone candidate for the party’s nomination for the Jay County Council (District 1) seat. Incumbent Democrat Ted Champ is uncontested in his party’s primary.