Complaints against two school board candidates about improper signs were dismissed at a Jay County Election Board hearing Thursday.

The hearing was in regard to a formal complaint from John and Lisa Evans of rural Portland about signs for school board candidates Vickie Reitz and Phil Ford. The signs, they said, did not have a disclaimer noting who paid for them.

Such a disclaimer is required on signs, brochures and other campaign materials.

At the hearing, Lisa Evans said she noticed the missing information while putting out other campaign signs. (Evans’ son-in-law, Ryan Wellman, is running against Reitz for the District 6 seat on Jay School Board.) Evans said she feels the rules need to be followed.

Reitz and Ford, who is unopposed, both confirmed that their signs initially did not have the disclaimer, adding that they were unaware of the requirement. Once they were notified of the complaint — filed by email Oct. 5 — they had stickers printed and affixed to the signs.

Since the signs had already been fixed, election board members Jon Eads, Dane Mumbower and Carmen Craig voted unanimously to dismiss the complaint with the caveat that if signs are found without the disclaimer a fine will be imposed.