Brace yourself. It’s another “things someone is thankful for” column.
I’m thankful for:
•The usual — food, water, shelter, etc. These things are important and shouldn’t be taken for granted when many don’t have them, but I won’t drag this one out when I don’t have anything more insightful to say than millions of other people.
•Indiana’s brilliant county road numbering system. I never expected to be a fan of a particular method of naming roads, but Indiana is doing it right.
I can virtually guarantee I won’t get lost on county roads here, which is not at all the case in the Ohio county where I grew up. To be fair, a numbered system in which drivers can tell exactly how many miles they are from any given county road address applies much better to Jay County’s straight, evenly spaced roads than to the twisty, winding business we put up with in Wayne County, Ohio.
Thanks, Indiana!
•Having a job in journalism despite not deciding on that as a major until about halfway through college, and graduating in four years anyway, with incredible friends from the school paper where I wish I’d spent four years instead of two.
But I can’t change now what I’ve already done. I can only be thankful life has worked out well anyway.
•Wal-Mart’s countdown of the days until Christmas. The high number when it started was funny. Now it’s more like a judgmental reminder every time I go in, because I have not started Christmas shopping even a little bit. One of these days it’ll be low enough that I’ll start doing something.
Thanks, Wal-Mart!
•A platform where I can express my opinion. I actually thought I was going to dislike writing columns. Then I realized a lot of my personal opinions aren’t things I mind sharing, and I don’t really care if anyone disagrees with what I have to say. (Of course, thoughtful disagreement is always preferable to “This seems liberal so I’ll just rant before I consider its points.”)
As much as I disagree with some of the responses to my columns, it’s pretty cool that we can all say what we want and no one gets thrown in jail or faces anything but opposing words. I think we can all agree on that. I really hope we can all agree on that.
•The low gas prices lately.
Thanks, Obama! (He sets those, right? He’s directly responsible for various small aspects of everyday life? Because if he is, he ought to get credit for the good and the bad.)
•A caring family, and particularly a mom who has always believed in me and cared whether I was happy. She’s also the kind of mom who will bake an extra pumpkin pie just so I can take one back to Portland with me.
Let’s see if I can explain in this next point what a big deal that is.
•Good pumpkin pie. All pumpkin pie is good, one might say.
But I’ve actually never enjoyed one that was not made by my mom or grandma. I think they use smaller quantities of spices than other bakers.
Maybe I’m just biased because it’s them. Anyway, I don’t get tired of that particular pumpkin pie, with its perfect flavor and smooth texture and flaky crust.
Thanks, Mom!