I don’t make outlandish resolutions for the sake of making resolutions.
I can tell you right now I won’t learn a language or exercise regularly in 2016. That’s not me.
Still, there are definite improvements I can make:
•Reading what I imagine was several trees’ worth of books a year used to be so automatic for me there was no need to make an effort.
Then college happened, and if I was reading at all, it was what was required. And Netflix happened, and for some reason took over as the default method of entertainment. That’s not good. And I’m not in college anymore, so it’s beyond time to erase the habits that set.
•I used to write a lot, too. Clearly I still do, but rarely creatively, and the decline is for the same reasons: it happened for school or not at all, and other stuff shifted to taking up my free time.
I should prioritize that again.
•I make approximately three dinners regularly. It’s not that I can’t cook or don’t like very many foods; it’s that I tend to go with what’s quick and creates as few dirty dishes as possible.
But, while convenient, that’s boring. Plus, I got a blender and a crock pot for Christmas — and was pleased by that — so I guess I’m supposed to be a real adult in the kitchen now. I should be trying new dishes, or at least making a bigger variety of ones I already have.
Then there are my overall hopes for 2016, the ones that depend on more than my actions. I’m hoping:
•We don’t make a mistake when we choose a president. I talk about this a lot. I’ll just leave it at that this time.
•Brazil gets its act together and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro isn’t just a bunch of athletes vomiting everywhere because the water is that contaminated and unhealthy. No one needs to see the new, makeshift competitions they might invent in that situation.
I don’t care at all about who wins any other sporting events. The Olympics — maybe because of world involvement, maybe because of the different landscapes every time, maybe because there are so many different events that I can’t get bored — actually draw my attention. So hopefully they aren’t a disappointment.
•My family, friends, etc. are happy, healthy, etc. Last year was a better year for that than 2014, so let’s continue the trend.
•All the stuff from my previous wish list column happens.
Actually, most of the items about unnecessary folks dropping out of the race for president will happen whether they do it by choice or by default.
Whatever your resolutions and dreams for 2016 are, I hope it’s a good year.