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Monday, September 27, 2021
Thursday, September 10, 2020 11:40 AM
  • Foundation says thanks for support
    To the editor: In June 2021, following the tornado that struck Fort Recovery and the surrounding community, Father Ned Brown of the Fort Recovery Catholic Cluster discussed ways to help those affected by the recent storm.
  • Join in fight to stop COVID
    To the editor: Indiana businesses that have achieved widespread vaccination among employees can earn a new designation from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and its Wellness Council of Indiana.
  • The choice to fight is ours
    To the editor: “Freedom isn't free” is an oft-cited declaration of patriotism by both the right as well as the left.
  • Get your stories written in a book
    To the editor: This letter relates to Jack Ronald's column headlined "Your stories are worth preserving" contained in the opinion section of the Sept. 8 edition of The Commercial Review
  • Thank you for benefit support
    To the editor: We would like to say a huge thank you to all who had a part in making the Shimp Cancer Benefit at Paradise Pointe Campground on Sept. 5 a great big success.
  • Offer help to those who are hurting
    To the editor: Many of us saw the distressing photos and videos from Kabul, Afghanistan, a few weeks ago — photos and videos of people desperately trying to get on a plane, any plane to escape the war and violence in their homeland.
  • U.S. departure has been a disaster
    To the editor: It is sad that on the day after the Biden Administration abandoned hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghan’s to the Taliban it didn’t rate an article in the paper, just a disingenuous opinion piece claiming a President Donald Trump evacuation would have been as bad a debacle as the mismanaged Biden plan.
  • Amphitheater represents a benefit
    To the editor: I appreciated your editorial advocating greater use of the Hudson Family Park amphtheater.
  • To the editor: How about a nice, sparkly gold star for Indiana Department of Transportation for wasting more of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money.
  • Help make Jay County smoke-free
    To the editor: More than one in five (21.5%) Indiana adults smoke cigarettes, one of the highest rates in the nation, while the number of youths using vaping products remains a concern for anti-smoking advocates.
  • Rely on the facts instead of opinions
    To the editor: I have been mulling over the idea of writing a letter to the editor ever since the COVID-19 cases, not surprisingly, began to rise not only in the nation as a whole, but in Indiana, and more specifically, Jay County.
  • Constituents are not being served
    To the editor: As a resident of District 33, I do not feel like we are being represented at the statehouse.
  • Dunkirk resident thanks officer
    To the editor: On Aug. 19, my wife Jean Peterson attended the Jay County High School volleyball game.
  • Some music stays timeless
    To the editor: Upon my visit to the new old Pennville Library — I think I’m forming a good habit — I ask the librarian about music CDs. She is still unpacking, but brings out a box full.
  • Portland needs a different process
    To the editor: Having just read the article concerning the Portland City Council meeting on Aug. 16, the ongoing wrangling over the city employee's pay increase was as Mayor 
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