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Monday, April 12, 2021
Thursday, September 10, 2020 11:40 AM
  • It's our obligation to pursue truth
    To the editor: Growing up, I was taught the importance of telling the truth, even if it hurt.
  • It's time parties sit down together
    To the editor: There have been multiple letters to the editor as well as public discussions concerning the proposed rezoning of land for use as a quarry by U.S Aggregates.

  • Stand against education agenda
    To the editor: The tone of the 2021 budget session of the Indiana General Assembly has been quite different from the 2019 budget session when K-12 public education leaders stood with legislative leaders to announce a state budget that devoted $763 million in new funding for K-12 public education.
  • Base decision on the overall good
    To the editor: As a Portland native, a Jay County resident, a local pastor and an employee at U.S. Aggregates, I'd like to speak to a few of the concerns that I've heard in light of the mining expansion/rezoning of our quarry.
  • To the editor: I would like to express my concerns on the impact of not granting the expansion of the local quarry. 
  • U.S. Ag employees ask for support
    To the editor: There has been a lot of focus recently regarding the rezoning and expansion of a new mining operation in our community.
  • What will it take to make the news?
    To the editor: On March 22, there were 1,500 kids in overcrowded and often unsuitable Border Patrol sites with locks under the President Joe Biden.
  • Safe Places provide important help
    To the editor: Gov. Eric Holcomb has proclaimed March 21 through 27 as National Safe Place Week in Indiana.
  • To the editor: In the past few weeks there has been an over-abundance of conversation about U.S. Aggregates and its proposed expansion to the north of its present location.
  • Turn down the rezoning request
    To the editor: We are not in favor of the location that U.S. Aggregates is planning for the stone quarry.
  • To the editor: Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? Hopefully, it’s better than the former.
  • Driver objects to police tactics
    To the editor: We had an incident that happened to my wife and I that I would like to share.
  • Library card is an amazing value
    To the editor: I will admit that whenever I see the Back in the Saddle logo on the opinion page of The Commercial Review I am instantly curious to see what is rattling around in the mind of Jack Ronald.
  • Society says thanks
    To the editor: Jay County Historical Society has been able to update the technology and audio-visual equipment at its museum thanks to a grant of $14,441 provided by the Indiana Historical Society and made possible by Lilly Endowment Inc.

  • Rethink education bill, expansion
    To the editor: I have two items to discuss today. One involves the Indiana legislature’s attempt to spend tax money on private schools and the other involves the stone quarry.
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