To the editor:

George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff, Adam Gray, Chris Sacca, Reid Hoffman, Richard Bluhm, Stan Hubbard, John Fisher and W. Kent Taylor are the names of just a few of the over 100 billionaires who contribute to the Democratic Party.

In 2016 Republicans, received more funding from billionaires than Democrats but it was the opposite in 2018 when Democrats received the most billionaire money.

This would seem to undermine my friend Michael Kinser’s theory that Republican billionaires are taking over the country especially since the Democrats control both houses of congress and the White House.

As for the so called “Hitler-esque” lie about a stolen election, that would fly in the face of the Constitution which gives the power to write election laws to the state legislatures and not to governors and judges as the left did to swing the election. And it doesn’t even consider all of the accusations of election fraud which were never addressed by a court or were investigated by the Democrats.

And taking back the country doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Trump. It has to do with ending the left wing insanity which has given us a war on fossil fuels, high gas prices, high inflation, open borders, high crime, sexual and liberal indoctrination of school children, government overspending, weak foreign policy and a senile, incompetent president.

I for one think Donald Trump was an excellent president, but his big mouth gave his enemies too much ammunition to build lies about him. And the major media created so much baggage based on those lies it would be hard for him to beat even a fool like President Joe Biden.

I think Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would be the best choice for 2024.

Stephen Erwin