To the editor:

With the recent passage of the City of Portland’s golf cart ordinance, I went up to pay my tax.

I drove my golf cart to Portland Police Department as directed. After showing proof of insurance and my driver’s license, I pulled out my credit card. I was told I could not pay with a credit card, so I provided a personal check. I was also informed that I could not pay with a personal check. I could only pay with cash, a money order or a certified check.

I also have to pay for a whole year but my sticker is only good for 10 months.

Out I went to find some cash.

While driving back up to the police station, I called my city council representative to let him know what I thought of this new tax. I was informed that other cities have golf cart ordinances. I informed him that I do not live in other cities. I live in Portland.

He also was unaware of the choice of payment for this new tax. Now, how can you vote and pass an ordinance and not know how it was to be paid?

I also was informed the people violate golf cart laws all the time. So, give them a citation. Don’t punish all golf cart owners.

Back in the police station, I was told after asking that this tax was going to the police continuing education fund. I’m all for funding police continuing education, but how are the funds going to be monitored? My receipt says “vehicle fund.”

Another thing, my sticker was placed above my left taillight, where I was informed it had to go. But my neighbors had theirs placed on their slow-moving vehicle sign. Now are we going to be in trouble for the sticker not being placed on the left rear bumper?

To me, this is a discriminatory tax. Why are only golf cart owners to pay this additional tax? Why isn’t this tax used to help repair city streets that golf carts travel on?

If you live in Portland and own a golf cart or plan on bringing a golf cart to Portland, I urge you to contact the mayor and city council members and let them know how you feel about this new tax. This is one tax that needs to be repealed.

Cliff Moser