To the editor:

The events of Friday, in reference to the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, are a very polarizing issue, and rightfully so.

As a male, I personally have no dog in this fight. As a matter of principle I certainly would never wish to be a party to ending an unborn life.

That being said, the real disturbing issue here that's not being addressed is the following.

It's now very apparent that honor and integrity are no longer important to the American people. By definition, the Supreme Court is benched with what is supposed to be the best and brightest legal minds in our entire judicial system.

They are appointed to this lofty position for life.

After going back and watching the replies that the last few gave, under oath, during their confirmation hearings, the conclusion must be drawn that perjuring yourself is acceptable.

Now, the hard-line right and staunch conservatives got the outcome that they wanted over this issue, so it's acceptable.

However, what you or I feel about Roe v. Wade is irrelevant here.

The disconcerting thing is, if it's OK for the justices on the highest court in the land to have such a flippant and lackadaisical disregard for integrity while under oath, then how are we to expect anyone to honor an oath?

This is a crack. No, actually, it is a chasm in the very foundation of our judicial system.

If you got the outcome you wished, so be it. Just be aware that, someday in the future, an issue that you may not be so emotionally blinded by may arise.

If you expect honor and integrity from the bench, in the future, perhaps you will recall that here, on this day, on this issue, it's quite apparent and clear for all to see that it doesn't exist on this court.

That's the truly disturbing conclusion that logically can and must be drawn from this.

Respectfully submitted,

James D Fulks III