To the editor:

We have had to cope with change.

All of us have had to adjust to change.

When this virus happened, people reacted in different ways. It must depend on many elements of your personality and how you view the world. 

I watched the protesters in Michigan on the news and was ashamed.

Did you see the bearded man spitting on the masked police officer? Why did he do that?

I saw a man in a grocery store wipe his wet nose and mouth on an employee’s arm, saying to her, “There’s your fake virus.”

Why did he do it?

From a distance, it looks like anger. These people are lashing out at innocent people. It’s not their fault that this virus is spreading. To me, it’s the worst in people showing it’s ugliness.

Then you see the nurses and other health workers standing calmly in a line watching and listening to these protesters. To me, that was heroic and made a huge point without saying a word.

Why were these men all dressed up like mercenary soldiers, carrying military weapons, their eyes blackened with sunglasses looking somber and threatening? To me, they looked foolish.

This virus cannot be killed with a gun. Plus, they called it a fake virus. They looked like they were showing off like little boys. The others at the protests holding signs that ridiculed the science of the pandemic all looked foolish to me. I’m over 65, so through the years I have seen protests against discrimination, war, poverty, women’s rights, never anything so foolish as those people protesting someone trying to save lives. 

Yes, I hear many of your thoughts. These protesters were mad about the governors closing their state. Their world changed. Well, the world belongs to all of us.

What would these people have done if their parents or grandparents had died alone after weeks in the hospital fighting this virus? Do they know what it feels like to not be able to take a deep breath? Do they even know what the word contagious means or that people can be carriers of the virus without showing any symptoms?

On Facebook, I see many posts passed on by “friends” that describe how this is all a fake story. Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts are being used to feed the hate for President Donald Trump.

I’m sorry, but we don’t need a fake virus to show Donald Trump’s incompetency, his lies, his arrogance, his lack of common decency or empathy. It has been in plain sight for years now.

Yet many of you reading this may think I’m the one who is wrong. You think this man should be elected again.

As you sit in your safe place, watching this situation go on, I hope you will open your eyes to the problems we face in our state and our beautiful country.

The hate and division cannot continue. The lack of concern for our schools, our environment, our diversity, our institutions and our constitution is causing our USA to suffer here at home and all over the world.

We need a change.

Cindy Giltner